Oriental Insurance Co Ltd vs Syed Fayaz S/O Syed Subhan on 16 November, 2010

Karnataka High Court
Oriental Insurance Co Ltd vs Syed Fayaz S/O Syed Subhan on 16 November, 2010
Author: N.K.Patil And H.S.Kempanna


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mm, .3, nm,:*a1=:1ad_§'_a,j11m:r«0:;z..:;tw'33~:§;4:_ ' "

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impuwad judmaii mud award, awaramd a sum af

zxgsagmgw with Tmtmmt at 5% p.a* fl”-cm

pefitiwn till the data cf paymmi. Being

§ the aymiknt Ezxamgranae ‘*

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is an arm mgr»: aide and M __§:g 1

3.! We hava the :

for the appellant gag {ha Eeamod
Comma} .fczf aoneidarable
kmmmyfl _

, Lay the amiéent ma mamas:

izgiurma” ‘ in éispuhe, €331 ammunt cf tiw

Em fiaetura af right

ef righg $233? iamatiazz maer th

a¢3§ a7=’t53$ aim’ ail {Em mm fif aw may, Ha
” ” .::. .: §’&’@m1t in tka iwgpimi far 3 i 8.

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