Prabhu Dayal vs State Of Rajasthan on 14 October, 1987

Rajasthan High Court
Prabhu Dayal vs State Of Rajasthan on 14 October, 1987
Equivalent citations: 1988 (1) WLN 339
Author: N Kasliwal
Bench: N Kasliwal


N.M. Kasliwal, J.

1. Heard learned counsel for the petitioner and learned Public Prosecutor. It is contended by Mr. Dhankar that a report regarding the same incident had been lodged by accused party earlier in point of time vide FIR No. 75/87. It is submitted that the complainant party & Mangal & those injuries are much serious and dangerous to life in comparison to the injuries alleged to have been inflicted by the members of accused party. Mr. Dhankar showed the injury report of the petitioners and other members of the accused party. Looking to the facts and circumstances of the case and without expressing any opinion on the merits of the case, I am inclined to release the accused petitioners Prabhu Dayal s/o Suwa and Suwa Lal s/o Kana on bail, provided each one of them furnishes a personal bond in the sum of Rs. 3000/- together with one surety in the like amount to the satisfaction of the Sessions Judge, Jaipur District Jaipur for their appearance before the trial court as and when they are called upon to do so.

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