Pradeep Kumar S/O Jayaram vs State Of Karnataka on 24 December, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Pradeep Kumar S/O Jayaram vs State Of Karnataka on 24 December, 2009
Author: H N Das

..—n —-puny-no spun uni-In!-‘l’iu”‘If\P’| I”‘fl\3l’I BKJUKI

9: Tim ma cwm’ Ga’ Kamgrgxa AT Bmamma % i

fi&”fEE THIS Tr-m 24%: me; an’ mcgzxmafl aim :1 1


‘THE HQNBLE MR. ..ms’1*xcy:

sgmm¢AL mmaa 30.55% % A


Pradempfiiumar ‘
S]:3aJa3*°% , ‘,
Rfo.Ho.};8, ” ” ‘ ‘
Bangabra. 17:,

(B3: afigsifgr; ‘ – __ – ‘
&’i Km Vijayfiéiumr, ”



– 2 “RE smzmfim’

I % gaggxi amfi

* §r1.:P. ia rm uimsg mam praying to
if}: patifmna: an bani} in Cfims §¥e.’?’95i 9&6)’.-L’ af
P3,, fer the afiézmas §f’:1fS,3%-A af IFCQ,

. an the E13 afvi Aflcii. Qixémui. Gaurg 8%:-‘a.1o1:-ea,

A’ ‘i?& patitian atsamim $13 far creiam this ziay, tha
Cfimrtz. mafia the fe1%ir1g:~–


.. /

…… ..”.nn.- -awn swan’ ur nnruu-nun» nuuri uuuln ur KAKNA!AK.A HIGH COURT OF KARNATAKW HIGH C


The pcaiice rgfaatereé >

the petitianer in Crima

puniahable undvmr Smtion 36:35 at * A

2. It. ia the caggaf thlat an
2e.s.2m9, rm pezitmagé yr}. The
mm’ sagantnn 55 aw in
Cr}. Misc’ . N¢4′?:af;%
3* mt: staicczd as ts why the

::of V. the custaéy is necxassaxyg

___’?}me_._i z’$ an rmrfi. to shsw that 1:113

w ahamnci ané that he wili tamper

Witmaw, in flame aiwumtamaa,

gm mama £3: bail $*:.;§?}-act m mam’ mm

% aandimm.

E %. Fer the. mwsm aimed abeve, the fezllawitg

« §r~dm’ is Wm,

Petitign ‘m ailcwmi. ms petitixanfi’ is 1:9 be

— ” an bail aufijmt m the fibihwixg mriciitzinxzs:


1aIr’II’|I ‘l’IlI”‘lI\l’| ]’ll’Jrl VKJUKI ‘Jr

3;} The pefihlonfl snail execute a band
sum afRs.1.0{} mi-zh with 63518 $e1vez1%,’:%su;; .é}£%y’;

fer the Iikwum ts: fix: aatj=3facti.;cn–‘_§i”


3} Tbs petitioner ahail méieaw ‘the.

:3? the Gourt
macaw’ &

3; The pgm’5g;m as: hearing

4; %%a1§an ‘i£:3’tV’V§tampe:r with the
any mama’.

3; mark his atmndame

” v;:é’ith”–1;1f::e mlim stafinn an evmjr

V – 9&9 sum. and 53% p.m.

sf the harm stafiad afimae W131

% “:f§:$*;z1t’ éamsimgan af aim hafi emf,



Sci]: ‘

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