Pralhad S/O.Krishna Dasar vs State Of Karnataka Rep By Its on 15 December, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Pralhad S/O.Krishna Dasar vs State Of Karnataka Rep By Its on 15 December, 2009
Author: L.Narayana Swamy

This petition is filed under Section 482_f'of 

of Criminal Procedure seeking' to q_u'ash:'_eVthe *ent_i're" . 

proceedings on the file of the  

Bagalakot in cr.Misc.No.35/2.009.'-V.  .

2. I have heard   for the
petitioner. it is  counsel that
11/8. 12 of t_he"'Velric1es Taxation Act.
1957, the of the vehicle is
liable' to  the Financier has taken
possessiojnoplf  the proceedings against the

p€.3'£_§¥;.'ti'V()1"\1(2r are not sustainable.

 V'is:_i..further contended that the respondent the procedure contemplated under the

ppprovisiotns of the Code and directly filing the charge

‘ gs3e.eet is impermissible.


4. The learned Magistrate has taken cognizance of
the offence alleged and the proceeding is pending for

adjudication before the Magistrate. The o1’de’r.”p:’sliVeet

discloses that the respondent has not

the proceedings properly sinceA”‘ti1eg_year«l”fine ti’

proceedings cannot be quashed.__oi’.dinarilygttnlesslit ‘is.

shown to the court pri1na.–_fa’eie, llllithere are’
absolutely no grounds.. to thelcase and it is
not likely that the petitiovrlerllcvot.-d¢1’~convicted on the

pieaded case.”:..:.1.’Fhis_ cocild'”he’:«’d’eci.ded only after full

dressed triallloypg -le’aifne_d_- Magistrate. The provisions
says that’ owner or the person in

possession of th’e’lveliicle, is«1iable to pay the tax. Under

the cifeninstances, there are no grounds to quash the

A pi*”‘sought for by the petitioner.

Petition is hereby rejected.


V’ mi

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