Praveen Kumar vs The State Of Bihar on 22 June, 2011

Patna High Court – Orders
Praveen Kumar vs The State Of Bihar on 22 June, 2011
                              Cr.Misc. No.18673 of 2011
                                  PRAVEEN KUMAR
                                THE STATE OF BIHAR

3/ 22.6.2011 The office has put up this case with a note that in the

cause title of order dated 14.6.2011, the number of criminal

miscellaneous case as also the description of parties has wrongly

been typed.

On perusal of the record, it is found that the number of Cr.

Misc. petition is 18673 of 2011, which has wrongly been typed as

Cr. Misc. No. 18676 of 2011 and Praveen Kumar is the petitioner in

whose place Bijay Kumar alias Bijulia has been typed.

The above corrections have been incorporated and treated

to be incorporated accordingly.

      Anil/                                        ( Dharnidhar Jha, J.)

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