Radha Pandey @ Radhey Pandey & Ors. vs The State Of Bihar on 19 August, 2011

Patna High Court – Orders
Radha Pandey @ Radhey Pandey & Ors. vs The State Of Bihar on 19 August, 2011
                                   Cr.Misc. No.27837 of 2011
                    1.Radha Pandey @ Radhey Pandey son of
                      late Shobh Nath Pandey
                    2.Ashok Pandey son of Radha Pandey @
                      Radhe Pandey
                    3.Prakash Pandey son of Radha Pandey @
                      Radhey Pandey
                    4.Santosh Pandey son of late Sri Krishna Pandey
                            All are resident of village-Gosaisipur,
                      P.S.-Durgawati, Dist.-Kaimur (Bhabua)
                                    The State of Bihar

2. 19.8.2011. Heard learned counsel for petitioners and learned

counsel for the State.

Petitioners apprehend their arrest in connection with a

case registered for the offence under sections 341, 323, 324, 307,

113, 379, 504 and 427/34 of the Indian Penal Code.

It is stated that the petitioners and the informant are co-

villagers. There is a counter case which has been instituted on the

oral statement of petitioner no.1. Both sides sustained injuries. The

injuries sustained by the informant of the present case are all simple

and superficial in nature whereas the injuries caused upon petitioner

no.1 was found to be grievous in nature and dangerous to life.

Taking into consideration the facts of the case and the

aforesaid submissions, let the petitioners, namely, 1.Radha Pandey

@ Radhey Pandey, 2.Ashok Pandey, 3.Prakash Pandey and

4.Santosh Pandey in the event of their arrest or surrender before the

court below within a period of four weeks from the date of

receipt/communication of the order be released on bail on furnishing

bail bonds of Rs.5,000/- (five thousand) with two sureties of the like

amount each to the satisfaction of Chief Judicial Magistrate,

Kaimur (Bhabua) in connection with Durgawati P.S. Case No.114 of

2011 subject to the conditions as laid down under section 438(2) of

the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Md.S.                           ( Ashwani Kumar Singh, J.)

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