Raghavendra @ Raghu S/O Boriah vs The State By Magadi Road Ps on 22 April, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Raghavendra @ Raghu S/O Boriah vs The State By Magadi Road Ps on 22 April, 2009
Author: Dr.K.Bhakthavatsala
 Magafii Rbad 

Cri.P No.1346!20G9

IN THE HIGH 000;?!' OF' KARNATAKA AT BA?'_G?;L°i§A§   "
DATED THIS THE 22319 DAY    %   
BEFORE  %    . . 
ms noarnm ma. wsflci  
CRIMINAL PETijr1or§V.i::--<V$;  '  


Raghavcndra@ Ragu, _  V -  _  - 
3/0 B01'&i3h.         = 
R/at No.93[3, 931* 

Bhuvancshwariixagaf,  V" " '

K PAgrahara, 

Ma.gadiRoad,  , V       %

Bangalore-560 623.. -- V      Petitioner
{fly Sn'. shagtaraddi Adv., for petitioner)

The Sig-@',%§_%+  J'  '   "


' "     HCGP, fir xespondcnt)

    _'I'h.i$ Criminal Petition is filw under Sactien 439 of the Code of

 Procedure, praying to enlarge the pcfifioner on bail in S C

  ._Ro».9€.-'/2(}O9 on the file of Presiding Ofieer, Fast Track Court-VII,

Bangalore, for the ofibnces 'ands: Smtétms 143, 144, 147, 148, 323 and
397 of I P C.

Crl.P No.13_46f29()9

This Petition coming on for Orders this day, tbs;  


The pctit:io11cr/ accused No. 1 in s $9.93; file cf Fast
Track Court-VII at Banwkzie is Section
439 of the Code of Cfiszqinal for the offences
under Sections 143, Section 149 of the
Imiian Pam} Code. ._ ._ . ,

2. submits that the petitioner
is aged about_23 to do with the allsegcd ofihnccs.
He the injtny is taken note, he has only

of the injured and therefore it cannot be

tl1at’t£1ci”];$etitii()ui:i;:1V§5’i:1Vati intention to commit murder of the injured.

~ * A’ Government Pleader submits that the pzm-sent

V No.1 and accused No.2 both assaulted the injured

The present petitioner caused injury No. 1 and accused

L§§_b;2_.€iausedf£Minju1y No.2. Both the injuries are grievous in nature, and

themfom,/1 it is implicit that the accused persons hm intention to


Crl.P N0.1

eliminate the deceased and therefore the prosecution has””out a
prima facie case for the ofience under Section 307 of I V A

4. Keeping in View the nature of

and weapon used in the commission;gfi’eeee.at.
be said that there is no prima facie ‘fe_r=.t_}::e gender Section
307 off P C. It is pertinent to are four eye witnesses
to the alleged incident, TheaveV–v:.is:f -to enlarge the

petifioner on bail. H

5. In the «reeeultv, fails and the same is hereby


‘V …..


dismissed. ‘ Q ‘ ”

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