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Patna High Court – Orders
Rajeev Kumar vs The State Of Bihar &Amp; Anr on 18 March, 2011
                              Cr.Misc. No.7879 of 2011
                                  RAJEEV KUMAR
                           THE STATE OF BIHAR & ANR

2/ 18.3.2011 Heard.

The case is under sections 498A and 406 of IPC

initiated on the petition of complaint bearing number 1621 C of

2010. The allegations are coming from the wife of the petitioner

that he used to come in drunken state and used to assault her

even when she was carrying a child in her womb besides he had

married another girl Nitu Devi on 7.5.2010. There is, of course,

an allegation indicating that kerosene oil was also poured on the

body of the complainant, however, she was saved any how but

other allegations which appeared, are that she was being ill

treated and tortured only because the demands for certain

articles were not fulfilled.

The contention was that the petitioner was a labourer

and was not enjoying the status as to placing the demands for

television, refrigerator etc. It was further contended that the

petitioner was ready to take back the lady to his family fold. The

court was requested to issue notice to the lady.

It was quite not possible to carry out the proceedings

of conciliation in a matter like the present one. Allegations are

coming from the complainant and most intriguing allegation is

that the petitioner being husband, in a drunken state, used to

beat the complainant, considering which, prayer for bail is


The petition is accordingly dismissed.

Anil/                                    ( Dharnidhar Jha, J.)

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