Ratan Lal vs Om Prakash & Others on 29 January, 2010

Allahabad High Court
Ratan Lal vs Om Prakash & Others on 29 January, 2010
Court No. - 45
Civil Misc. Recall Application No. 345072 of 2009

Case :- SECOND APPEAL No. - 3121 of 1984

Petitioner :- Ratan Lal
Respondent :- Om Prakash & Others
Petitioner Counsel :- Rama Goel,K.K. Dubey,R.N. Gupta
Respondent Counsel :- Vikram D. Chauhan,B.R.J. Pandey,Ram Goel,Smt.
Shashi Tandon

Hon'ble Vijay Kumar Verma,J.

Appellant counsel is permitted to make necessary correction in the recall
application No. 345072 of 2009.

Heard learned counsel for the parties on the recall application aforesaid,
which has been filed to recall the order dated 17.12.2009 passed by this Court
in Second Appeal No. 3121 of 1984 whereby the appeal was dismissed in
default of the appellant.

It is submitted by learned counsel for the appellant that the counsel was busy
in Court No. 54 on 17.12.2009 and hence he could not appear at the time of
hearing the appeal.

For the reasons sown in the uncontroverted accompanying affidavit, order
dated 17.12.2009 is recalled and recall application is allowed accordingly.

The appeal is restored to its original number.

List in the next cause list before appropriate Bench.

Order Date :- 29.1.2010

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