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Rudrappa vs The State Of Karnataka By The … on 29 January, 2010
Author: K.Sreedhar Rao B.Adi




THE HC')N'BLE MRJUSTICE $:a~3H.A'sH'_'é.'A'i3:T;A   

CRINHNAL APPEAL No.3:eo?';2fio5"AA»._  

1N CRL. A. NO.1607,r'2U06


1. P€iJ{'§i'&1p_§3E%.    %  
 fihsfmz':abasa§;'p.a.;* _ 
Aged a.t)ou.,a,t 23'V§¢ea.{s. _ 

2 V:rfI"i1;Z'Q@SWߤ'i?.}f'= V " "
'_ _"  WC EV: an : 2 p__::_a ., V
" A "f\ge'{:€ L2b<":-ui 24 years.

V  80t%fi" :"%3's:d_mg at:
-.8ang;:;i~r;?:l=E"f.' {"¥'.E:}. Sh§u;apr'a$ad, /3\dv.;

8. Ema>:.
Age 1 l9 

AEE  agsc:cuEluz'ésls and

lilo Badgeraklxanagudda Village'

3e.gaELlr Talula   v.
Davanagere Dssmcé. .AAPPE!...l,_AN.'i'S"V;~ 

{By Sré. CH. Jadhavy Adv}


The Slate of l<amalal<a
By Jagalm Police,

Represented by

State Public Prosecutor, 
High COi,l:"§ Buildmgs.  -- --_  .V   

E3ar1gaEore5BG om "      JFRESPONDENT

(By Sriy SB. Pav4:a§;SPP}i’

£5′;-éé”l.Appeal “§\E.e’;–?6G75’2’9G6 es ‘filed Lender Secllorl 374
Gl1P.C._ agaln”s5S._–lh.eVfiagdgmeol dated: l€5.6.20OB passed by me Addl.
Sessioads Judge. 3″-.”:l’~Q5l’:e.._{}e_yes”:_age:’e. in S.C.No.’lO;’2005 Com/%c'{éng
ihe appelEVa%ca:s;-‘a%;cused- N’o_sf’9″aod 10 for the offence punishable
under 8523519.;-5 :43. ms 5sv4.’*vR==»’w Seciéon 149 of lPC._ 324 R.-‘W Sec.
l4§ 353C. lot: l%’le7’oz’lence punishable under Seclloré V13 of H30
Acc:{sedLA*No.9 and .10 are hereby sentenced to pay fine of Rs.L_OOO:»

l,D’:: ‘me: slfyaii a.iladelge simple imprisonment for a period of one
_ » lv”l’l’G:'”_l{E”l.,E.1ll7.C’l-‘Ehé’~.3CCL£S€G for the offence punishable under Section €48
QTETIPC lzelrebyc. sentenced fie pay fine of Rs} .OO0,.-=’- in default each

‘:)f”i’§Tl§3??’i Vsh’_:~;»l.l__ undergo simple imprisonment for a period of one mooilx


“§3%l:.:’n§ Appeal €\io¢?’?{}.i2D06 is filed under Section 374

ACrP.C..”‘aga:’:1sZ€ the judgmem dated: l.648.2Q06!l9.6.20O8 passed by
” slzeéfxcidé. Eiessiens Judge, FTCLEL Devanagere, in S.CyNo.lO:’2005
‘.cons;r’Ec’:mg ‘line apeellaaisiaccused Noel to 8 for me effence

ggmnislwable under Section 343. 348 504 WW Seclioe €49 of I90; 324

” “”R.:vV Sec» we 0:’ PC. 387′ RW Secléon 149 of IPC and 302 RIW

Secleon 34:? of EPC and sentencing lhem to pay fine of Rafi .OG{}.:’- l.D.E
each 30 men: seal: URd€i’§}O shall undergo simple imprésonment for a

accused No.15 is the son of accused No.3. Alt accused Nost to
16 reiated te each ether. Accused No.2 was running a tair
price c.tc2;:r’::»t re the vitiage exec} he had ctesed the sameebout t
year 5 to 6 months back. He was hot distributing
regaiarty and properly. In this regard. \Jiilage*rs”
complaint to the Tahsildar and j i
open another “fair price depot aed fLrrithei-Apetmiittedp
food giairts. Accused No.3Vwa:s”i–t’hei.Cha.i’rmae xot’V’B’et’termehti
Commttter3 of the Sctiaet toa’oVtt’a”boiVi_;t itwop mehti’ts’i’ahd he was i
performing poeia in the had developed

an tttwiii atid:..e’rmfiij’ty a§;_;aies.t’..’tti’eadeceaséed and injured. as the

accL.ise.:itt*–”e. tJfi{3.;S-r this—.impi’–’oa that on account of the

deceas”ect”:;;:rid t_tiieflajitii1ed,_the fair price depot of accused No.2

was cteseid. -Oi:-._ 3′..vttjr;..27L3O4 deceased along with CWWE ~

Ra’.i’.i:i%’tac_i:;accttappxa;VQW’-4 ~- E3havar’rraa, CW6 « Srirzivas and CW~

It V’;/eEt’s;{>;r:.:t”t=i._a%:aet.rt persons had gone te purchase a sheep

anedéat tttpisiiiierjard, CW-2 had settled the price of the sheep for

and had paid an advance of Rs.t{}0.:’~. Accused came

tttet’t;~ and ga§ci«;ed tie a dttatret. by sayteg that they wanted to take

A same sheee. in this regard. at about ti) am. in treat at the

house at ezte Ketrappa. att the accused came sttoutidg in titthy

. rt
s'”‘i?.;~ ‘

Eaegoage asmed with deadfiy weapons 3o a tractor ~ traiior, they
iosguééeo ?ué;22a:ep;::zaa zmo os’ovoé<ed them and assauned Marappa.
.}agadEs'o. Base-ware} @ Rajappa and assaulieci Q/VA1 ~
l\/iaranoa. P\/V-8 ~ Shavanma. PW–9 ~– Vasarma ~
R'amac?":ee<ireppe. Marappa was assaoited
2, 5: 13 and :5. He died on the__way_'to %:1<:'sp;%%;'é1;V:;'w"oe%;&ea§éde

Jagadissh end Basavaraj suffered gr¥'e&vo: JsA~&'hju[r:.eS~ and'ifiey'"'~;-:.zere

shéfied to oiggez éaospitafi. D'e.c_e-eased A8aVsax/aka} w_as.V.es1sau1{ed'

by AL A2,: A3, A44}, A47,&_.A§9;eA.e:11 %a'm::e._A;172. Injured
Ramaczhendraopa was éiseauifedf'}.bfy 7. :0. H. 12. 14
and 25. PW-1_(CW~3}"EojL:'re:d aV'-cefiupaamz E0 the Police.
Poiice éta% for postmortem, Jagadésh,

v-mso was §o–j..;:;é’e’avr.ii o_§eC._Von.o.-6.10.2004 end Basavaraj Ragappa

:éie’:o’:”«:.orEo1._§;3.’§_o.2GG4.. …. Qoiice {egesiered the case for the offence

Sectiorws 143′ 447. me 504. 302. 301?: 323.

.w§i;_f1AoSect%o;’i we of mo.

s?\x”v’-E3 oonoooted the postmortem of Jagadish, PW-$4

“‘.o2 in tvtrO.t t. He seized a

start’ ba:’tt’;zatt and Eurtgé of the deceased under mattazar EXPES.


6. Proeecution in at: has examined $3 wit{“;E2__$se’s~.4..”V..Prom

amongst 42 witnesses. PWs–i. 2. 7?. 8 and 9 are”‘tEiVtevijrnsj»i.JEedn’eye;’

witnesses. They speak the overtgicitiisiibythe ~:ace_Liise(J.”:V”PW«1 7

aiieges ovettects against aiifitie eccosee. atteees. the
overt-acts agaiset A–t to A-7 to alileges the

overtects against A4′? tr.i.’?’«.::f’t, .»t T..’g1l”?d to 16. PW,

9 speaks oi’ ovettacts against a’iV_i t§iie -a~cVeeI§e.d’~~except A43. PW~
27′ atieges Ov..锥-1¢?S 3:§1E’tij7%’txacCLtS’é’d~«I\¥.os.i to 3 and 5 to 16.
F.S.i…. repo:’*i:_o:;qs the .taVi’ioo:t:s’taiiie’d cloths and weapons seized

show fine _’eei%iniia..i.j=*J’~:_shoppe?'”tfma¢”‘iLi’}. item No.31 — another axe {_ £.?.aCé€,9 ),

éiena 1-gsnirt. item t\io.t3 —- bariian and item No.14 – lung’;


*~}”T;.”E”t1£>: triai court based 0?”: the evidence of F’Ws–§.= 2. 8, 9

a_if:d”_«2′.? being {be injured witnesses and F81. report. seizure of

U __.Eamns convicted the accused Most to it) for an offence

eifitisnabie on-t:%e: Sections 143, 148. 504. 149. 324, 30?. 302

W.’ x

“The cdwespohdéhg thjuhes are hot serious t€’:§Ltt’ieS.

read with E-Section 349 IPC and acquitted accused Nost to 13 to

18. Sthce A452 died during the COLNSE3 ot the that, as against
tttm the case ahetted, it is against the conviction of
accused t\tos.t to 8 ahd 9 and to have

appeals. _

. ESté.C.H’.Jadhav’ teamed’ihg fer accused

Nest to 8 submitted that the ‘;fi$’toVsecut_toh’ ~c_aseV-is that: accused

Nost to 16 forming iht.:o’*~ah _uVhEa’trtth.2_§_as-sembitthotdihg deadty

weapons assautted the dec’ea_sed e§rtd”é~h§t;%eed;’~~however, accused

Nostt, :3 to” tE;:j,a.tha\/’e’.’beet? a.cq;;i”t’ted——eveh though the same
attegatztonea{eifi_n*;»’adeV”agatihst._the’mf it ptovésiohs ct Sectioh M9

h”C a_,:”;_t_:3:iE’e-dv Judge, when he has extended the
heheést é;¥t.,dt:’>ut3t’ 1, t3 to 36, the same shoatd have

bee-éf’ e;»_’t’s.._htaihty agamst At A2 and AG. overtaacts are


.att-tegeuvh-to 2 and 3. as they were heidirtg deadty

we’ape:<ts other accused were hoidihg club and the overt-

acfs aheged against the other accused do not suggest any

"'w%t-'z%.e'htiot: at causthg injury that may result in death of a perscnu


seh:t"t%tte::é that com/acting the other accused under Section 149

lPC is bad. He also suiontitted that, there is serious contradiction
arm' in the evidence oi PWS"ir_ 2' 8, <3 and 2?' each ot the
witnesses aiieged ditterent overtects. tr: the complai.nVt-t_:tii.ough
narhes of .!\–t to A43 are mentioned and even.

speak or’ tire; overt-acts against A-ihito “t”r”re:iit<:ial"rco–Lrrt
erroiieously convicted Awt to Art 0. lsée
piovisiorts oi Section M9 ll"–°C'iV_ar.ez r"ieVt"aojclicabl:e' tracts
this case as triere is no premeditationt

common object to commit the mu;i.der"."'-ff _

9. Srl.\{~;ES.S§i’vaprasgad{ l’ea%he*cl,___{;Tot,rnsel appearing lor
accased lxiris.9.:-aedv iii siiifii[re.itted.i-thaiti’reyerwithesses like PWs–t.
2, 8. {S9 sir-‘i_d”:2.? _ud’o_rioft”~«spe_ai: of serious overtsacts against

a<:r:::.lse:2<:i"§':~,tcs_8 aid C)'–iZ’v;”?”}’%M,A’&ig»{S1 s. s, 2?.


COt’tVlC:llt'”tg these two accused on the greuhd that they shared
{i;t’)E”E’tl”:’EtIL>t”1 t’T..5:§3;E?Ci. He atso submitted that the overtects atteged
against the accused t\1os.11. 13 to 16 being Edehttcal, when they
have peert acquitted. there was no justification for the.Vtt’

to convict these two accused.

10. The case of the prosec_eti.oh_ is _-ih”at’.”~.:t_i§,.eVre v’was.Vai’*..u
enmity between accused and the deceased, ‘loin ‘cr;i’1hec’tt~e.ri’?1.yyith

dtstrébtstioe of lood grams to tE5,e”‘t’air prtcew depot. ‘r!§gc–c.t.ased were

l,£l’1Ciei’ the tmpressiort that the decferasetj wetethe instruments tn
cartceitmg the fair price ‘teapot ‘-.’.tr;ifby the deceased had

also made a co_tr:p_laihl”a§ai~:§st_iA.{:3-_V_ wt~1e,\.?vas the Chairman of

if.-3a=;2tter’:_fns.’e2-at_i?C3e.i=rrtm%3t.t_–e,_e~t’.__the School and was replaced by
oece;.2see__ 4;t21gzé.d.isl’t[‘e.s4″‘-«the”successor. Accused were also

hatc;h’i’i’;g. plat}to”elii’rtthate the deceased and others. to this

r:~¢fs::ii}:lr-3:’§he_y’:%3_ati termed as ttrtlawtué assembly came in a tractor

e:§'<a;'i:arret in cohrtectten with purchase ot sheep and

asisaulted "the in§ured and the deceased. To support the same,

*;:§tT;)S€iCt,i1lf)t"E has retted on the evideece ot injured eyewvitaesses

These witnesses ceesistehtéy speak of




3 _.


Rig tn a tractor holding deadly weapons and

sht’sa.:’tit1g and abusing the deceased. assaetted the deceased

imr –


;;1z’:d the 駒1§tti€:”3d PVVs~tfl 8. 9 and 2?” they speak to the specific
evei’t~et’:ts et the accused with deadiy weapons against the
deczeasee’ and the injured. P\.f\/s«i= 2, 8, 9 and 27 not
the €3’y’?;1é~’\£’»Jit!iti’3SS€3S. but atso being injured
eotéwing to disbelieve the vetsions o__f…t.h_ese
%”3S[L. rezagiicart EXP57 and se:’ologyV;’iéepo_;ft .
btoodstaiits on the cioths of ttie._o’ecease’dViemduthe Ab{_E_o~eds~t3aies
the V\fE{3Ei§”)CiF’;._~3 seized f!’Om the atc«ciVjAsLe_o'”£}eiong”‘to.._fA},t3lood group.
is tamher coi’robo’:’ethed’ oi PW~23, who
arrested the eccosed same day along
with time itnvmtiteessest speaks of the

paa=v’;§ation. sharing of commoe
object”-:_g; “<:4:;imx~,_rt'i't.:'tnLJi*det:.._:V""'iftieu'e is nothing to disbetieve the

evieence eit-these witA:2e's's..eis.

discrepancy” as regard to the overt–act in the

.eti=iE.:;e””~.tet(“the iniured eyewitnesses, is not materéat nor

::£ésIt’::idg;-.e’t%’te’ presecutioe case. When all the witnesses speak

t§”:e,f; %_he”se «szcceseci came in a tractor holding deadiy weapons,

c>é.ét§i’:g;; ‘atgaéitst the deceased and others, essauited them by

“‘ei<:§<%;':g; tsgg' and §'§'tE3!'€ being ne attegatien at any scefite or

it*s_§t,ir';,.-' to the accuseei. or aggression by the deceased' whether


it hlviéfileathi

serhe ei the accused used club and assaulted on different parts
oi the ttody which by itself might not have caused the death, but
the tact that they came together with intention to___t<ilt the
deceased atttzl the other injured knowing tuttwett that

with the deadly weapons would result in death.

t2. Crimihat taw is viewed tto;hMdiite’teh«t_at’ig.le’asreg’ard’.to 7.

ec:teat pa2″iicteattt_ accessories and ihe’t’t._actua,t’ed”‘vby cerhmiott

thtehticxh. Charge is rotted up o’ne°’invotyed_irt”»dhi.tect Eiabtttty and
CO¥tStt’i_,£CtlV€ tiabitity. ViSey_ctio_r’t t2t9:4.loi§5iC3y createsiixcohstructtve
ttatatttty ii the otterice ts comrtiiittedi by..Vatvt’y_~thtiember oi utttawtut

.33-E§E3§)l”t’ll’}l’jy’ pt”tJs:%;;{;,o’tiortotacehtr*rt~ort ‘o’bj.e_ct. The tngrediehts that

&’tt”t{i :e<'tt_itz'tje<'t txo":;itVt–taCttthe "p::ov.ts.iot'as of Section tz-19 tPC are that,
t.he2'e atttité'l'aw,tiJi=—-a4ssembly and any of the members of

the 4t;it":'t;;,twitt.ti asserhbiy 'commit ah ettehce th prosecetiori oi the

y Cffifftt nor; fdhjeézt,

' necessary that there should be an otzeitaot by

et"'–Vt:he'etccesed, it they had shared the Common obtect aftd

2 tit;*ii«t_;;titetg;t:'i:<;:e et cemmeh obtect. some et the eecttsed inflict

xi'-ijtjttrtee at such a iiEi'tt,tt'€fi which they imew that as Eikely to cause

it the members et the uttlavtrtiit assembly had the

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