Sati Ram Singh vs The State Of Bihar on 25 June, 2010

Patna High Court – Orders
Sati Ram Singh vs The State Of Bihar on 25 June, 2010
                             Cr.Misc. No.20999 of 2010
                                   SATI RAM SINGH
                                THE STATE OF BIHAR

2. 25.6.2010 Heard learned counsel for the petitioner and

the State.

Considering the nature of accusation under

Section 414 of the Penal Code, grant of bail earlier and

that the period for which he is alleged to have

absconded, let the petitioner above named be enlarged

on bail on furnishing bail bonds of Rs. 20,000/- (twenty

thousand) with two sureties of the like amount each to

the satisfaction of the Judicial Magistrate, Ist Class,

Arrah, Bhojpur in connection with Trial No. 923/2009

arising out of Bihiya P.S. Case No. 59 of 2000.

The photographs and proof of residence of

the bailors shall be appended to the bail bonds which

shall be verified through the local police before final

acceptance, till which date the petitioner is directed to

remain physically present in the Court.

If he absconds during trial, the Court below

shall be at liberty to proceed appropriately against the

sureties also, if the circumstances so warrant.

P. Kumar                                                ( Navin Sinha, J.)

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