Satya Narayan Ram vs The State Of Bihar & Ors. on 9 November, 2011

Patna High Court – Orders
Satya Narayan Ram vs The State Of Bihar & Ors. on 9 November, 2011
                  Miscellaneous Jurisdiction Case No.4476 of 2011
                                  Satya Narayan Ram
                             The State Of Bihar & Ors.

2. 09.11.2011 In this contempt application, no

show cause has been filed as yet. Learned

counsel appearing for the opposite parties

prays for four weeks time.

Four weeks time is granted to file

show cause putting on record the documents

with regard to the compliance of the orders

of this Court. In case the order of this

Court has not been complied with till the

filing of the contempt application, the

deponent of the show cause shall also explain

the reasons for the delay. He shall also show

cause as to why cost of this litigation may

not be realized from the pocket of the

concerned authority who may be found

responsible for non-compliance of the order

of this Court in time.

Put up this case after four weeks.

                                  It     is   made        clear    that,   if    it    is

                    found        that    the        petitioner       has     filed       a

                    frivolous         contempt        application,         and/or       no

contempt is made out in the case, this Court

may consider awarding cost against the

petitioner also for filing frivolous

application in this Court.

BT                           (J. N. Singh, J.)

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