Shravya D/O. Satish R Girji vs The State Of Karnataka Reptd By Its … on 26 March, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Shravya D/O. Satish R Girji vs The State Of Karnataka Reptd By Its … on 26 March, 2009
Author: N.K.Patil

EEICIE COi.’=I~{“£’ SF ¥.,=§RE’~Eg’%T5%i{.~’1. AT B§$€f,5A§.°=i}R}Z. ‘-§f«P\,3\Ea:», 6921 $3? 3E3G’9


BAWSBALQRE %’=e’GR”%’H £¥%’v’éS§C}¥”~i
ASS “E E’-ZEBS 2′<.E¥'a+'1i3"

K3,’; RQAB, BA?~3@Ai.QRE

2Esm:;z;;,gf::;éf:$-“LI’ V’

gay £41 £1″. ¥*-éA§E%~éERA PRASAS HCGP ma :«3£$:mNaa:~.W:3}: V ‘ ” ‘

ms V*£P. as 9&9 354553 aanczges A+.,Nm.;«22? :3? we
€’3Q3*~3é3″%’3TUTéON Q? ififiifig PRA*s~’:z~–.:<; Ti} QUASH f€HE.}EEv§§?i}Ré7}ER;
?A$f$$D 3′: we R32 as PER ANN-ii D”€.a:,2&ct:;. s:RE<::':" 734% R3 m zsttsutg 2
A cagm GER"§'2F§£3ATE, AS rag': 3E:.<3N<3:NG–.'{0'..GA:sasA'.%_CoMmuN2T\{1%

mm A£.&3Q G85 :.:ER?:F:c;2':'E EN mvizzga Q?-KB: PE'{m:3:*4§2R;$.V:A3
gmvéagm usxéaafi GAZETTE NQT!F%QA"€EQ%~2$ $i..Nfl_.?8'_; Aim ALSQ
GAZETE s~:aTsF:cATaer4 CENTRAL G=O'J'é2_{}1'.15.22.*z;?$?§9»'SLNQ.'§5é€ AS
9ER;%§'\§N-A_, _

"ms we COME?-£3 Qéé'-!"~.'z<:'LiR_ p¥:;*;§:;;ss;:i.:xi.+*:-».}=:'.:*~;* "té:ag§«"e::~¢$ ms 533?,
mg scuawzaae THE :'?OLLC3W1Ni:iVfaV ‘V.fi’1Aé:’.’-,_sfii§ ‘i;’|f§éS afié having regard in the

“V”n3iu:–‘:§2:3f»_’.§§ia.%.sfeiiéfs fisught in ihi$ writ pefifian, the rnafier

§:.=*;_.__ taiééia f§;::’§$i disposai,

‘A :’@é’I§’t’E$f”I&§”$, amaiiifig the carrecfness ef the

“”‘*–__§§°:*?;;s:;gnéd_. ‘ nrder passed by ihe third respéfiéem dated

§§3§3an.izary 230% as per Annexure–K5 have prmafited this

_ ‘wr%’:i: petéticzn. Furfifier, pefiiiefiers have sought :6 dime?

a ” ‘fie third resporzdant in issue 2 Casfe Ceffifinaiéz, aas they



£1-‘XE Tm”; IEXEEE {PIZFURT Q? K?-R?«EAT§;KA $5? 2AE*~1»fC’;,+’%§,£3§?-33 ‘~.3e’.?=}€<;: $21 :35 E{3'Ei

E3? Tfif; {RS3 CGURT GE §iA;'2E'€A'F§sKA 3-'Cf B£5.,='~§G ALCRE §z5.§'.Ni}; 5923 95 293'?

Gfivernments, ihirzi respanéant has fejecfed the _,==:,.aV_m}é;.._v

Therefore, petimners were cefistrained to "£§ie%f ~

gfievance before ibis Cami, by w3y.0§~,*§fffiE'5f§fiQ:V

pefitian, seeking apprepriate réiiefs, {as

3. i have hearé §ea:”néa<:%.L:'L:'V:'t:;:u:ié;#es£.. fur
petitianers 3:16 iearfiietfi' Sif§*s:.;'é':f§"%Vif'§:1?%§;1't "§§é:a:3*é' 'Em'
rwpsrsdents. H ' 1 Vv 2 Z

4. After ‘impugned
endarsemenf. ‘ rfipmdenf Vida
Afifi&XU?:’;?%,_v 3:” ‘t%1Vv;=V.-V’vcar’:ter3m czf the 33%

end9rs&mé:{§R’I’ 02*” §~’Z.w’-‘RR; “.~’§T§SE.»% AT EA%€G§iL£}§~§.$ W.P’}§a:», fiefifili cf 23%?

Fifi 1’§Ei§1GI1€3{3I}R’f £3? §iAZ{§*~§.~’&TRK,%’; AT 33a§}€GALORIi ‘J«?¢F’.§’ée::s, $921 :24? 2%}?

wfihout expressing an}; épifiien en the mérifg arid

éemerits 9f ‘the case, the writ peiificfi fried hy peiitianers

is iiabfe to be dispssed sf.

5. Raving regard is iifiez facts arid ”

the sage as Statefi abtrzvé, tha writ pet?ii:2r9§_: Libya >

gmtétianers is ciigpased at with the . T

(3 The writ petitiumfié-§.¢Vd idjr’-..§’5’efii:is:; ér;s;v’:i:s; %

aiiowweé in part.

(ii) lmpugnefi “a j ” dated 93′
January ifs$uf:6′”‘.f::§%;

herein 2668-€38
Vida «is ‘;*.-5: véside.

rammed back ta the ihiré

respondént “fmf rméfiééderatian of the matter

% géfkesa §£”‘v’5fi”§é3 V§’%gV§1’i”‘_a*fthe appi¥cai%£sn fisea by the

,_:3″e’ti’:5§{;:’e :”‘;~”.V~;’V”.?=:z§§1m1a.:’:g with the necessary documents
Aa-aid ifs apgmpriate éecisisrz, after affaming

.. rezéariiébie opparturs’ ta the petitimers, and

“$5 TEE llifjiil CGEERT Q2? K£5’xR}€.5iTAKA AT BA£§GA}.€)RE ‘J-E.P.N«1 5923 GE’ 2%?

EN TEE §§1SE{€’GL?RT GE KAR}a3ATfi.KA AT EAEGAE.-0%. ‘5«'”P’,1’~f::e. 692% ::%f $3


dispese of the same, as expedifioufiy 33

pmébie, at any rate, within 3 period of if

waerics from the date cf rweipiaf ihe 6:335?’

this arfier.

Leameci Gavernmertt

menu sf appcearance fer rraj3pe:f1d’éa*:§ sj_’–$*;fi*;hin féu:-is-.@éks


{N3 ‘F§EI1§G£ECC2L’I{‘§'{}§? §iARE\E,5{§’;’%KA AT §3§.%§’~.§:’j§=¥£.E “3ziP..}’§’4.}. Q 6%’ 253$???

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