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Central Information Commission
Shri. Ayodhya Prasad Tiwari vs Ntpc Ltd. on 29 January, 2010
             Central Information Commission
                            2nd Floor, August Kranti Bhawan,
                        Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi - 110 066

                                                           Decision No.5081/IC(A)/2010
                                                           F. No.CIC/MA/A/2009/000868
                                                          Dated, the 29th January, 2010

Name of the Appellant:                  Shri. Ayodhya Prasad Tiwari

Name of the Public Authority:           NTPC Ltd.


1. The appeal was scheduled for hearing on 28/1/2010. But, the appellant
did not avail of the opportunity of personal hearing. The appeal is, therefore,
examined on merit.

2. On perusal of the documents submitted by the appellant, it is observed
that the CPIO has furnished a point-wise response. The appellant is, however,
not satisfied. Hence, this appeal before the Commission.


3. Since there is no denial of information, the appellant is advised to seek
inspection of the records and files so as to identify and specify the required
information, which should be furnished to him, as per the provisions of the Act.
The appellant is accordingly advised and this appeal is thus disposed of.


(Prof. M.M. Ansari)
Central Information Commissioner ii

Authenticated true copy:

(M.C. Sharma)
Deputy Registrar

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” – Mahatma Gandhi
“All men by nature desire to know.” – Aristotle

Name & address of Parties:

1. Sh. Ayodhya Prasad Tiwari, Vill: Pipralal, PO: Jayant, Dist: Singrauli

2. Sh. O.P. Khorwal, CPIO, NTPC Ltd., NTPC Bhawan, Core-6, Scope
Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 3

3. Sh. R.K. Rustagi, Appellate Authority, NTPC Ltd., Power Management
Institute, Plot No.5-14, Sector-16A, NOIDA – 201 301.


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