Shri Pyare Lal Verma vs Ministry Of Railways on 16 February, 2010

Central Information Commission
Shri Pyare Lal Verma vs Ministry Of Railways on 16 February, 2010
                  Central Information Commission
                                                                    Dated February 16, 2010

Name of the Applicant                       :     Shri Pyare Lal Verma

Name of the Public Authority                :     Ministry of Railways


1. The Applicant filed an RTI application dt.24.7.09 with the PIO, Railway Board
requesting for the following information:
‘Reference is invited to the note dt.5.2.98 of the Section Officer, Security(E) Branch
Railway Board for giving the ECOs appointed to RPF services the benefit of their Army
Services for the seniority purpose as per the extant instructions. What are these
extant instructions? Copy of these instructions be supplied to the petitioners’.
Shri Shivdan Singh, CPIO-II replied on 9.10.09 enclosing the information furnished by
Dr.S.N.Pandey, Director/RPF vide his note dt.19.8.09. Not satisfied with the reply, the
Applicant filed an appeal dt.20.11.09 with the Appellate Authority. On not receiving
any reply, he filed a second appeal dt.24.12.09 before CIC.

2. The Bench of Mrs. Annapurna Dixit, Information Commissioner, scheduled the hearing
for February 16, 2010

3. Shri Apurva Agnihotri, DD/S/E, Ms.Mamta Kandwal, DDE(R) and Shri Ashok Kshibawa
represented the Public Authority.

4. The Appellant was present during the hearing.


5. The Appellant stated that all that he wants to know is the rule based on which the
note dated 5.2.98, related to the issue of his seniority, was put up to the authorities
in the Railway Board. If no such rule is available then he wanted the Respondents to
admit about the absence of such a rule. The Respondents on their part did admit that
there is no direct rule per se which can be furnished in this connection and the
information as available has been provided.

6. The Commission accordingly directs the Respondent to inform the Appellant about the
absence of any such specific rule and reasons for putting up the note in the absence of
any rule, if available, in the form of orders, file notings or communication in the files.

7. The information to be provided by 20.3.10 and the Appellant to submit a compliance
report to the Commission by 25.3.10.

8. The appeal is accordingly disposed of.

(Annapurna Dixit)
Information Commissioner
Authenticated true copy:

Deputy Registrar


1. Shri Pyare Lal Verma
C/o Group Captain
Flat No.418/7
Defence Service Officers Enclave
Behind Taj Palace Hotel
New Delhi

2. The PIO
Ministry of Railways
O/o Jt.Secretary(G) and CPIO-II
Railway Board
Rail Bhawan
New Delhi

3. The Appellate Authority
Ministry of Railways
O/o Adviser (Staff)
Railway Board
Rail Bhawan
New Delhi

4. Officer incharge, NIC

5. Press E Group, CIC

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