Smt. Nagamma W/O Takori Erappa, vs State Of Karnataka, on 1 September, 2010

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Karnataka High Court
Smt. Nagamma W/O Takori Erappa, vs State Of Karnataka, on 1 September, 2010
Author: Arali Nagaraj


Dated this the 018' day of September 2010

The Hon'ble Mr. Justice Arali Nagaraj"'--i:.f"--«.;'"".,A

Criminal Petition. 1~:o.7s43/2om'-   C


Smt. Nagamma,

W/o. Takori Erappa,

Aged about 70 years,

Occ: Housewife,

R/0. Kurihatti,

Tq: Kudligi,  ;   

Dist: Bellary.   _"w.v'>._C".-"Petitioner

(By Sri. Ma11i.ké.irj:11n  yI\'/i_:'siis.e:1Vi1"i~i.i,"_:AVci'v'oeate)
And: C C C V

State oI"'Kiarfiiatzi:ié§a*,  'V _ 
Rpt.  P._S.IV.'  ...Respondent

(By Sri.  vBanai'<a{~";---..roi¥ieoP)

 Criinitiel Petition is filed under Section

iii'4.38'u..of2,;-Cr';P.C. iis"'e'ekir1g to grant the petitioner
Xbai1.._i11_the.4Ve--v_ent of her arrest in the Hosahalii
 a._N.o.51/2010 which is registered

purii--sheb1"e._ 'L'L;:s:ider Section 498--A and 307 r/w 34


Ttivis petition coming on for orders this day,

i' 2..:tw.hA'e'iiC,ourt made the following:




The petitioner herein. is accused No.2 in

Crime No.51/2010 of Hosahalli p.s., Kurihtia:t’t.i

Village, Taluk Kudligi, District

petitioner and accused No.1 aije a11€.g€’Ci=i:tvQiV’h8;Kf€

committed the offences under

and 302 £.P.C. Accused

the deceased Smt. I2udrairifi’Ina–..and.”st1’i:<?. pvfesent

petitioner (A2) is herfts.éip:ia%ei§t44;r§:–ii;i§§';

2. registered
against offences under
Sections”4£iSvgf.i\.;’aiiid i9/”‘w”‘dection 34 of I.P.C.
Since her last on

01.05.2010» as.VV’;aAf’r_fesi:11t of the burn injuries

19.04.2010 in the house of

“the accusation against both the to be altered to the offence under

‘V’~.__i’Secti0.nVV__A’302 I.P.C. r/w 34 I.P.C.



3. The complaint lodged by the deceased

Smt. Ruclrarnma herself does not disclose that

this petitioner (A2) was present in the

the time when accused No.1, the husbaifitl

deceased, is alleged to have th’e_ id_e(:’e–a_’s’ed_Von

fire by pouring l<erosene_.on izierson ajn.dAi:ge"ttVingtiV

fire to her. Further staterne*n:t~0f
also does not yoetiitvionerc
accused was presen't__offence on
the said allegation

against her instigation the

accused No;"15'.coVfii.mi.tMt'e.d the said offence.

4. the above facts and

.—.A_circ_tf3rns_tances”o.f____the case the present petition

438 Cr.P.C. is allowed.

i’lf1_1..a:’the event of her arrest, the

.44″p.retse’nst petitioner shall be enlarged on

A. bail. on her furnishing a self bond for

it :nRs.3O,OOO/W along with one surety for

the likesurn to the satisfaction of the


Police Officer arresting her and subject

to conditions that,

1) she shall not, directly or
indirectly, threaten the
prosecution witness nor shall};
tamper with the prQsec1:itj(h1]


2) if the petitioner israqt arAr’e’ste’d’ub.y
the Pohce coneerhtech.

surrender herself trswthie
of the “Vt/i’t4}’1t:fI:–xCrI1..E’.:’

W e e E»: fr orti H K9:I1’ti[f:ge t. Ve Ieaese d

on bail ~i’n__t’e.rrrit;.r.a_f ord-e.r;’

s e

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