Smt S J Lalithamma vs Committee For Regularisation on 1 June, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Smt S J Lalithamma vs Committee For Regularisation on 1 June, 2009
Author: K.L.Manjunath And C.R.Kumaraswamy
IN THE met-5 mum ex-= §(AR3'£A'!'A§{A A"; 8A!%i§g2.?Q?;P; IE1:"'~~.4V.

mrrsa 31-515 mg 18* EA'? 5? sum, 2a%Ȥ3{fa   


'ms 3-m:s:*B1.£ Ma. susnca :(};%»:.,r§%;5:~§3u§;,&a#.fr21 = " 

Am'   V   '7
ms fl§§é"3i.E %&R.3%.%5'fICE'£2{R.KUMfi.RA.S3MA:§1Y"

s..c,.c. :~w.1_§;;. (}E'.g'€.*;£§;__9'-{i;sL: H "  

Sfl¥v%i«§JA;R?£§"v7?7{T§V_S?12.3IES..._ M '

:A<3iJ 'ms:TR1:~c;2i      cowmxrsaéxsr

{By gré: §<_ V M§;Ms::a#a%Aa£_A§§fi}

1% A c:;:~a,;ez;:T?E’£ ma REGLELARISATIQN
0;’? UF§§’fii3?§~%Q$1§’SEfi GC£U?A’E”§Q§*é
seswaagsr TALLEK
;A<w samrazcr
R29. .BY~_TAE~éSIL§AR,

.SfR;_:.§~EZ'§~"aI'f;5&éNfia, 8.5.

4. *2′; ;9=’%%§:2é’1c:9A;_, saca§’mm’

§%’;£%iE?*§%.§E SEPAR”§”§*»%E?§”‘§°’
%%§gv:: as KAR?€ATAKA
CG¥’~§TE¥’*’§?T QF C®%3RT THE §IS08E’¥’E?i§G _.Q.R_E}E§;’.. ‘§_ATE¥3–.VV

25/’$2638 PASSES 15% W.?.?~§G.ifi33S§:2€398. V’

$315 ccc cezxmsa was $93. ifééxatfigés

MA?\§31.}N151TH 3; MQDE THE §:QLLQ¥’f;?’éG: ‘._v. V’
ea9é§:&_u k% $V V

flzgsuarét fie the §§re<?:$'§.ns Sré;iC5§.$:V.¥'$a??aya:%a
Swarm'; Pfincépai SeCf€$Z$f'{, §Z_G "':Z$v,z§;§s;aé;f;:é–é'r2ent, Revenue
Qepartment is ;.:§'%* e'é:j§£2%§£V {;¥::2&fa=i:j\/,,: has fééed an
affiéavit staéén;;j_t§%§?;;~':.'%;v%§:% geamaa Sifigge Efidgé
weuéé be %?":é yen§ sf Navember 29%.
"Em game ifs' ézeé

2.,–,&c;aré’Ea.§§3a; v”:hé V§§.’eser:€ fimceedings are flagged

I- g§.%i;é-sag fézdihe :<:7é7§'é%§§aE%2a:2t is revive théa yetéiém': if there

§s: a"f§é§9t§':é%»–..:fi§§§%§§z§§e::£a ef the under takéng giaseiz by th&

Reveséufi Se%v<:r:efiE%e;;*§}, befcre this Cami.

A 3. A%::;_;é%ré%sz§%y,. the SEQEI is cmseé.




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