Smt S Roopa vs Bangalore Development Authority on 15 October, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Smt S Roopa vs Bangalore Development Authority on 15 October, 2009
Author: B.S.Patil

we THE HIGH C€}UR'”§’ 5;? Kfi:}93f;’*~§A’?s%§{A A’? :L;;a;zm:;::;’:sa%%[

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§§z;z:a.L S. Ragga _ . « _V _ –

W10, 3.3:” (“f2f£;§%;:z{f¥i;i’é*:S§1<é}«:7éf:37;e:"'

Eigfezi 2? §r5::.~1,2'S– 1:.;__V 3 *

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Bangaiora W 560 {W8 .. E=?.}fZS§§3′{)N: f2sE;f§§’°«i’1’S

{B}? Sri. E%.V. Shazlkaraziarayazxa Rm}, ;%dv;~~£?j;zF.€_ £’V.j’ A’ ‘
Sri. B. Ragnaswamy Iyengar, ;’-‘£t_’iV. f0}: R§»_’§”{;:”aIE5S}¥§»17_45″E’.}.T ~

T113}; wxiii pciifiozx i5 iikzti :;3i {i¥3I;’§&i’€i’£’ies-I T.

that (7§01;3ti’m£i(>1: 05 i}i1£ii2ai., pII–>:}’ii*a;g E;3’r3:i1′::¢i->3 R” “i” i:§. }f:.t71″iT1.i.i’:t’?
;3€¥:ii’i0m:::’ in p0$$<s:s5;im.1 cf £3.33 g)1'Q§}€'r§;' in .s,gs_s;u:€;'x\:.1'a"z:i.=:z?§*wiii¥:§
the measuremfini 'n::t:11ti<;4:1é:<i i11'~.:he::V 1"t:«:?tii7iu':&.§i:::'i1= eieegai'
&L2g9.2{}{)0 Vidfii Anz1–B zinri — v

Th:é$ Vi?£'i€ petiigiézi. Cz:}3:<1;.;§;Zz'§;L'g'«:::_:}z iEi%';{i_ §3r€iifii2:I::a':'§-* flééfiiilig 1::
'E3' g:r'm,1p, this flay, the C§<}1,::ft :(r§;.:1,cii,s.._t"E%:_€'fif;:fi(;wing:~

in iizis §s:ti'§i_s',}fi*–,._ §;;€.=i'iti0zm:r is ..*f_:3€€ki:1g 2: :;h§'€r;r?ii«:_:z:1 to
the 1%? .._.r€sV§{3e3I'2é€:i3.';i" is gut her ix: p<3a;:5ess3:i<;:;; 335 the
}::1":;3§2*€z'?:§«'" in 3-"se;%{"~G:°fia:i.i?€ wziiil the mfiasuremezgi. n;=:u;:1:§:iT,§.§;::;"?::3?:::iE ii:

€555' ;£f€€iif';a§ra:§e3'}:i""'{i§i飧fi zgiéitfid '1l{}9.2Qfi€% $211513 z1n:1€x2;:.r%::~B,

' 3139 Sezgzghi fer é;$<:§ai'*at;Er:3:1 (sf $215: aiieimfizit {if

._ %§i_1_£« $'e3;i"gé,:3z:§ ié.2i1.fi7 mgasmxirzg 332% X 3. 133.513 23.§fi'§.E'-;E"S 313:: favéasiz' {if

%i:Z:2_;6 }:'€:3g3:3:1<:§€1:i $33 iéifigai zmii a§E::;i€_2"°m"§-' agiéii a

<':Q£3é5«:§§i§.e3':§iai §iI€(?€ii}Zi £13 $@1;:gi1'$ {£3 {figs .15'? i'EfE§§}€}E1{§€T'.iE%I fig;

AA $13152? fhfi margigmi iami m::a$':;§*é§:;g EEE-2'13'? £2; Efesi. E';¥,:'i§{§ 1'§'i€§.§,'E'E3=§

aggg Eafiéa i-:3 Scauth ?.4s::: + :-";,.3{};2 mew in §1€E§'§%5::é?€§2A:};:


311:3 805/A asné (33113; (mi flat': di1*e%;~.1;idi;1szisS1.:€;:i Exggsétivi-'§§é;;.:.:§sI§};j,

posserssi-311 certificates: issued. The BSA is £i%;1'逧:r;%:i Viéi

{sat the zaaasuremeni (ref the ;31~r;;;§t::*:}*A 1<3£:23.ris'1gTé.i_¢L<3 ?i%;:s$,8v{)5 T

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