Smt Siriyala Devi vs The Sub Regsitrar on 20 November, 2008

Karnataka High Court
Smt Siriyala Devi vs The Sub Regsitrar on 20 November, 2008
Author: N.Kumar

in Tim mar: comm’ or KARHATAKA c1ac{tiI’i*’

Dated this the 20″” day Qf’Ncv¢m?§er,_.v’.§(}u{?;’}

‘ram Hownm ME ;gmsrz¢E.x1v.

Wm Pefition No. 4zgg_§$f 200$ (Gum?! min

Between: — if V

Smt. Sixiyaiéz ll’?_c’:vi”” ”

‘W/0 Gunapaj »
Aged about -52j;yeaif:j~ 3
Occ: Household}
R/0 Shiggaon ‘ é
Pin581 205 ‘ ‘
‘I’q. Shiggaon
Dist. Haven} L
Pin: S81» 1310 A’ _____ …Peu’tioner

15§V;si§fJavati for M] s. R.K.H. Associates,
_ A ‘: Advocates)

4: ” .V V’ The” 4Sub–Reg’st:rar

“Tq; Shiggaon ~ 581 110

Iléist. Haveri Pin- 53: 2055

S/o Atmaxam Raikar

Aged. about 42 years

Occ: Private Medical Practitioner

R] o Hospct Oni

Shiggaon — 581 201 ._ .

Dist. Havcri

(By Sri KB. A(§A1_’or
Sri Dincsh M. Ku1ka1’1ii,_ Advocate for ‘R2)2§

This Writ Petition is .1iI1#1ef’a§rtick:s 226 and 227 of
the Constitution of IndiaH,V_f)rayi1:1g: to«”‘quaL§h_ She order passed
by the Sub–Rcg’;str_ar, $hi¢ggag1-.1::,’ ¥’ki.SU’BREGR/113–O?–08
datcd 20»12–:20c*;z,i- A1x21eJiure—Dw.__b§* allowing the writ
Pfltition. ” ” .. .

for oniers this day, the
Court made the .. ‘ –


‘A piéstittioner has challenged in this writ petition the

by the Sub–Registm:r refusing to register

pmmnted for mgstxafien by the pctifizoner on

$11; that there is an order af injunction gantsad by the

‘ Court restraining him fiom mgstering the document.



2. The learned Counsel for the petitioner submits
that the order dated 03.04.2007 which is refened by the 8 § 1i3r

Registrar only shows that both the parties are

maintain status~quo. According to the petin’onc;f__ti11.;L’ ‘ K V’

objections to 1.31.5, Sub-Registrar, Shiggeefi
efiect mgistration with respect of
Therefore he submits that when Von:eeV–the ‘V V
objections, the onzler of Jietflbe and

therefore, the Sub»Registrar Vis’ ‘ riot refusing to

register theVe;:/ :cc3’1 dl_V§}, &’it”isV.ea)%ntended that property
which is be not the property mentioned
in I.A.5. Theiefere, ‘ASt£}):-I.Regis&ar was not justified in

vjeetxing t£:;e’vifixpugfied’-exygiprsenaent.

3. ” argument is based on the fufi stop in

the after the Words, ‘sfatus-qua’. The

fiiiistop after the words ‘satus-qua’. It is

” mom fact that after that fun stop comes the word

‘%:i3i”‘,x._ ‘1¥h§eh starts from smali letter. That full step should

. hefie __é0me after the word I.&.5 ané after the W’OI’d$ ‘stamig-/’

.. 4 ..

quo’ What should have been put is, a comma. A leading of the

whole oxtler mekes it clear that what the triai Judge has
ordered is that, both the parties are directed to maintain

status-quo till the filing of objections to I.A.5 andfythe

Sub-Registrar, Shiggaon is directed not to effect ”

with respect to I.A.5 scheduled properties. Z

contention that Sub-Registrar is 7.1_:1o:i:

mgistration till the filing of objeet;ionsz’a1idV_.as 0t{i¢¢ii01}S;

already filed, is bound to doeume11ts_;_=

any substaiJ.ce., ‘ _ .

4. Even Vo’!.he;5wise’vt. E3u’b-i?egistrar is not party to

the pmceedings of what is tJ:’ans;:)irix1g in

the when there is an order of injunction and the

£s«9beym’ ‘ g tttt t the order, one eammt find fault with

the is apex: tn the petitianer to appmaeh the

t ‘either’fz§3*” eharificatixm of the order passed against the

” S iib§Regie1r.$r or get a positive order saying that application

t ixzjuiaceon is dismissed. Sim;i1ar1y, SuI::–Regist:raI is not

01′ the pmperty which is sought to be registered is the


subject matter of the suit or subject matter of I M

dispute is seized by the Court and when the b

interim order directing him not to t_?;e4._docu.:niae1;;:;V:L

in obedience of the said onrier :\vhen:4’€he’.Snb~l.§?eegiei3’érv ‘V

issued impugned endorsement, avg). Vnotxbe .foi2.ttEi
This endorsement is not the endtby It Hopeii to the
petitioner to approach the get:V.g;;a;§_;’51xj)priate orders
passed and then getitthe og-egigxgxeai; Then certainly,
the Sub–Regist1*a:E” .1ooiiojLt;__’:’ order passed by the
Court. Hence, V’-foi’-faitexferexxee is made out. Writ
petitioxz is . Sal

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