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Smt Vibha H Dikshith vs The State Of Karnataka on 6 January, 2011

Karnataka High Court
Smt Vibha H Dikshith vs The State Of Karnataka on 6 January, 2011
Author: J.S.Khehar(Cj) And A.S.Bopanna


V I\fIu1:'1ira_;L.r.

S/O V'enE»»:at1appa V,

Aged Ab{)ut' 39 Years

12/ At. I\Eo.168, L-aksE"1mipur21 \:-'iII21ge
E'321:Eg21I{31'e2 I.'x§{)1"£.h '.I'aIu..k

Ei321:'1ga1():'(: Urban I)1's{.1'iCi

N Nalgzlraj

S/O B Na:'asi.11'1hapzrazesad,

Aged About 34 Years:

R/A3. No.41 1, Laks.-shmigaursl '\x'i11age
BE:LYlg£11()]'f3 North. 'i":211uk   
Ba11ga1():'r2 1

Rai}':m1ka1'a11 K

S/O §{.r1"sh11a1.

Aged About 51 Yeaws
I,akshmipL1re1 C1'OSS",'~.V_ .
ifiarzgalore N0ri.1'1Tah1I«'; _ I
Bamgaiere I A

K V :--3abu_s.,£Q  B;i;su,  

Agfid Abzxuféx. £L9'7§f€21.fs.'V"' _
R/'AL I,::ksh5I1';.-ivp_t1:?a1'"»?i1'1';aagt: .
I.3a11*;ga1'E €)1'€3 Nam-':h~ .'I'é1E.u  ,_ V...
E321ng;a1'E01'e '  V'  '

S11"ai:_I_{e2kh21» I3h.ask:«;i'r21:1.

 'ii!/1Q' P uc Resji'; «  ..... 14 «
";5\g§%'dV'Abc11.1i': 37' Yea.1°:<:s

 V' " ..E§;'Af 'L£1E§5§"h§_11i})1,:1fe1 V1'1.1.:1g..rkgé:.ti abmzt. SO yfiars,

'R/az. 1\2'0.§.2, 14": cross,

 AI1m'3c1 Garciem

L.'&1}iSh.I11.i.}}§:1"'2;i. Kan(:11ir2:11m:1gI'2a1,
£E§23.I1g_§2;:.1c3;'r3«§} '?

'J 1='e1$L.1.c§mra E-JO NI.t.t}'}&%§X=¥'EiiI1§',
Agged zfxijcmt. 54 Years;

Rgtfitz No. 23. Lz.:1~:.3:s1'11m'}'>1,1rz':1.
I-i%e1.1'1g;2-,2.1<)2":;% E\§rt.E'1 "i'z1I:.1§<;

R/At'. No.48. At1u1'ag2.-1 Neal" _If{.'°c?LV}"§*?,ji}'§.'t2_pI)£'1 '

. "f-\J " 3 '




G S.211'1}'(~',e.\?

8/0 C Govi1'1dan.

Aged Aboué. 36 Yearéts

R/At No.36, L21ksh11'1ipt.:r'a V/'1'iie.1§;;_§@
IBang_§a1o1"e North 'I.'alui«;

S/O N Si}ELI}a1'I1'L1g€L2'T121C§'}ENE.
Aged Aboui. 37 Yea1'ses

R/At. LakshmipL1re1 Xfillage

B2mg8.101'fe North Tamk   ._


A Na:"asEr11ajah
S/O Chemga Manda-1d}, _ 
Aéifid About 54 Yfiéé-ITS 

R/Ai. N0. Laks11.111E.pu1'a \/i1I_2_;_gȤ&: K

I{3.21r1g__§a10:re North Tz»i1':.z_k
Bar1ga1(.u'€~97 " "

E'a1P&1z1fé21   .  

S / O A31jv~21n"e1p§}a, _ --
Agéd'VAbQi;i Ei(3?1"f'@ar"5-3 "-

R}? A1. _N.r3. 1'59 ._1;a.kshnf1' i.pL: rag Village

E3231') gé11,or€; N'(.n'ii3 T&3.1'.1,'i'f€_ 

Baxlgalon-3-9?  _ 

(By .'i,é1€.é~ si>f.7~1i{2i:';1z2ii.ak21

A "'~§{€}}§'i3;:§}3}}A{3=é?;{i by iés SecI*e€'.;:»:'r3£
__ ij}e}"3~ae.:r_t.;ft.1em. of 'U§"b€m Dfivfi'.[G}3IT}f;T'.I1fl
M S.'Bt1iidi1'1g_{, A1'1'1be{iE~:a1' V£:e<:ih1'

EE3.'z--;V;j_1_g§aE<3I*u€.y C{>r1.1r11.i:ss3i()1'1é:1'
E3e111gaI(}'r:% Urban. '!.'):is:i:r1' (ti.


Tlratir {T31':'1méssi()1:1€§°
13 BM?
B 32.11 g:;1.i{:a 1'63

... I-9ei.i14im"1ers

,.. ReSpc)r1ciez'1i'.§;

{By Sm §3;=1::s2«2x521}:'f.;1_§ E€Z.2a11'<:é<;ic§j=,& §5':'i1T1(':§ gisaté (EA fcrer R1  2}


This; \¥'1"iE' Pe1..i1.I'o1'1 is filed 1,md<:.=1' A:'"i.in'£.ir@ re<?;'dss
_;:)e1fE.21iz1i11g to *£..he g212:<3i.£;c :1<)tifi(:a1ii.o:'1 daicid 15.032009 and
GGvernmer1I; N<)'iifiC.a'i,i0z'; I?'.Gf:3.2009 in No.59 MLR zmd the
Gazeue Nt'.1'i'i<;:a£i011 dahztd 23.09.2009 zmd etc..

This W1'it. Pe'ii1'.i0n ('?()E"I}iE'1§{ on for I"11ri'.her {IOI']S§dVE':f.E_i"§'§{)I'}
thiss day, Chief Justice metde the i'1:)l10w'i.n.g: ' .' 'V  


J.S.KHEH.A.R, C.J. (Oral) : »-

Learm:d (TOLIIISC1 for the pe§i.i[Vi.iC2né1’s é-‘1*ft_ér_a.rg:.fing*.

for sometime: stai’,es. that. 336-.VApV£3ffi1Vi’;EutE?dV to
withcirdw the i11st.21r1t:… \?\F1″iJ[:.A”‘”‘}”)L’*1V’,’:i”§li(.”V§V1″”., wii:h”‘~1i¥:jerty to

approach the C011ce1’n(3d :;;1i’1fh–0i*i:’ti€_S;T'”SQ. i1£~.§ to 1’e+agi1:a’L.e

village. V’:K2111shiVré;31;i1’121gz}:fa–;T__ within t’11c’-2 limits of Bruhat
}3a11ga1c:sr<~3'=–Ma1121.i121g;{e;i"a V.I°~"*:3%1'i1<;<::t.

.._% iZV.<'i"'}:1c':V"m:s«i:a;';i_ w';~i'{. pc5:i.ii:ion is-5 disr";;1..isse(.i as

xx{:i:h,d2/21\x?n,–.::rit.'h 1.i1i}ert'}-* as a.f<):°r3,w:nneciw

$3? .5″ E
afiiisij “”

{:E,’E§;%’? :§.:::§:::%







21.} W’
§§”}{§€’?XZ “:”;’

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