Sri Basavaraj Murthy vs K R Manjunath on 8 July, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Sri Basavaraj Murthy vs K R Manjunath on 8 July, 2009
Author: N.Ananda
in: THE HEGH <::0::m*- or-' KARNATAKA AT _gg;fq<3Ai;:3éE T' 

DATED THIS THE 38% Dz§;fQ1«* shim  


THE; HOWBLE MR.  N.VAF_\:IAfE.f,)AV.'1»;' H

M.F:A.1\iC}L;MO4~4mQ§Q§G.7{MV} A 


1. SR: BAsAvA§2A;«z,_V;x§UR'1§%Hafi 

SIG LATE sU§APP;a'  . '   
RfAT.GRAMA--§3E3f§:T1:iA znasesa; ..  

mm :xIA.;:;:;--;%r;_ mgr": 5:, ..

EviAi4%V?2LLI-- '1f'Ai,L3V};<.;'j' -» . "    --
M2%NE)Y§x'?}EST'RI€f-'If, '      APPE§_,LAE~I'1"'

{B}: 8:33. S ii:-R:€s}:,g:;:2i;<:3C;2=;9rE§

-VmfiNQ%;L.m %» .    

 ' ::.. :=: £5 I'»--iA'§~£.=§LYI§é'?a?H
L-..s,r::,: i.gP«.TE;'«.§{."E?.;?:}3¥€C3ASEfu'P;E\1§Y,

we 120,, E*R3'xf.f'H{a MA
?OOE?.Néi--PEz3:JN?; 1.m*C:z;*:',

 ,   ._UTTfisi%;%v§~}P.mL1,i,
  :3pg~;_GAL©RE-5 :.

' _ A' :2; NATIQEW, ENS{}E%A§'sf€3§:1 :39 ::m
*  R73;?,:G§0NéL omcg :-:<;.;-;£2.3.ii)'? PAE§SEjj_Ei -1-.14 M'«;2'~::":1x:r::.*--«

2479/{>6 ON THE FILE --Z? c::;:-rs.%z.I:>v;3:~1sh:;.z:g-".f%1_<f;::;::J_A

AND SEEKING ENHANCEMENT' #3?' C€}h*I_§'E;--2§FSA'E'IOffJ,. " . 2

'This appt=:ai, Coming z':r";--.L.:I."5é'";»V3."» h:~*;::IT'ing5...t.F;is§{"%1§§f, {he
f3c;urt, dc":1iVert=:d the following:  " .. 

',*rw§:;_:.3c%m:Nr«    « .
This is aV_c1aimanf'e§.Va;§p{=j:a1""'f(3¥"5i?:n?I:anc62ment of


2. "!_'1"_16:A'7f§31gii'z1gs;._ £:f__ Tribilnai on the issuers of
negIige:r1€;€: and !iaf':i 1'i*.:};'"ii1s:11rar:::e company have not

'E'§(':£":"£"g {"t.'3,.E1€?("1 i"I3f7(5V qizéésttion either by the iT"iSIi¥'€",I' as?

 i1'1.s;;'1*r~r=:d'.f"i'hé:refm*€:, they need not be reconsidered.

 medical evidence, Claimant had

3! 1f"f2°:z'<°:e'iA T}"'"z'{'ii fnlinwizig in}; 11*ies:

  F'fécf.1Irfi of both the harms; of right ieg at Eewar

 3 iigrcl

VA  2  Abrasinn ever f'ig?1f,WI'§§§¥i

iii) Right Ulnar S§1yi<'z1"d process fractzzre.

'f\uqgg'\,-\,5m,.V.{£LA '

4. The claimant was treated in KS 

Bangalore. He was an inpatient from 

1 '3 .3.'2C*O6. The fracttlras were ..redI.'if§§§{j'' ': ' 

r<=:dnct"im1 and inrerrsal fixaticm.

E3. The ifribzmal has' a_ii*'a_rded" .¢amp*w¥.;*1I:¥"1_g fi'3§3dS2  '

F Pain and agony  'M  "    -. : 'Rs..f'>{'J,("10{}
W Medina! exp«5n'ses,"'    :Rs.Q'.2,£"){3(".t

HI" CQnvej,z. é§:r3:fé.'E§é;:.;?301'--2.fj's?2f£1E'n§--  : F€s.5,€)(30
TV Lc$;:~j.s c-Ts?'ir}{1é*:';'::-t§<€1i*rii1f§g;--._t7r€::étm.€=:nf. : FZs~;.1'2,f}{)()
V Losséé :f}f" a1né:1ii:i§:s  : 3-?.=;.i2_f)1{}{){"}
%,_-'mr,é3'~.M MMMMM  F€s.1,('19,{"}€)(§
V *  'he:ar*d Sri.{'}irisI'3, learned cnzznseti far

ciaitfiantj:ir*§§§7:Srimkfiamggariappa, iearneci cennsei far

Vfiihff inmimnce company and E have been fakazi fhrnzzgh

"'-§:=:T2ri;{i:4i'm7€: and the impisgned award.

?. {En rec:nns%(§é:r:az§i<m :1? the earidexxcvsg E am 0? {ha

V' apinian, trih:maE Shmfid have awa"1*dc==:rl ffflififlfiflfiafiflfi

'5'-\a"~,.' , 

zmder 'thc=: hezad "fiitlirét less 0? earnings" and also

towards "ftimre meriiitai expenses".

8. PWQ' --- T}i'.V§n0(i Kiimazi, has _.,a'$:s§é::ised'«V

pemzsnent physica} disabiifiy 03'" the: right i('3'*;3'&'§:i¥"1.fi'§'£"3:vh 13}S ':

35% to 87%, 5% of fbe right t:vf§fié»i*'%?ni'h b'--1_§1?ki; pf

whole 'n0:1E: to
assess permanvsarzt p§1;:£f§ifCQ§_ {"1§_S§.'§}7s§}§f§~--.Vifi~é§-V58 Eoss of

t=:aI*nir;g {:ap.9§(;%.§}'..;_'-i€:.M}f}'?{3;.___'f'h6: Claimant W35; aged abrqmt
33: §'f:8T$§v.§3f,fi1(':'=.fif"i'iA€': _€§f..§i::§:ident¢ He was 3 coolicz by

<1c€:t;ps3.?.i('zn; f:?1efi%f0rE:, his irz<'::'amt=_: is §3SSE'.SSfid at

98? tfivdfifih. Therefore, Ciaimant Wimid bfi
 'c2r1ifi§};'axémm of §s.,5'?56€3I'i (I€'s.3,.6{){"§ X' 36} under?

*£i¥*3j€3f:"?7i€::;a:§"§ -'*'39SAé§V0f f:1f.1n*e earnings", The «r:¥aima¥1'( xxrifi

ha??? rd i':-:':'€ie1'g0 one more Qperatézm far remavm sf

 ~-iznpiafzts} "§'h<=,ref0:'6:, Campansatian sf ¥'~'€$,'£{§}{"}f}i},:'- EYE

". ?3§$,?'$«}'f'{§ft€§ mntier the head "flrfurft mfidécai fiX}§f"":TE{§§UI}'"fi"'

' H9'. ¥"£"i E5116 "!"€':E%1i§?, E p9:%°.:=; Ehe fcaffiawingi



‘THE: appeal is accepted inj§’§’9’1t_:. ”

award is nzodiiied, {:mn1pensat’§'{:;”: ‘–_§§f ;*().C3«,{)”t”?_1:'{“}~,/jié”.

awardefi by fim ‘£iI’ih1ma§ is €z1:?1anCe”<i'–th /–
with kltfrrtst at 50/9 pr-,i"~.annzwiffi the tlafi"-*:":'ii"" vpetifimt
iii?! the date": 0f rF:aIisaf.i01% §:?§3I:;?;ifiS;~.._.§'i'§f§:'~fi€'_{T€fCt€'d to bear

thftii' casts.


M Judge

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