Sri H Rajesh Nayak S/O Ramana Nayak vs Smt Seema Nayak W/O Rajesh Nayak on 18 November, 2010

Karnataka High Court
Sri H Rajesh Nayak S/O Ramana Nayak vs Smt Seema Nayak W/O Rajesh Nayak on 18 November, 2010
Author: C.R.Kumaraswamy

DATED THIS THE 18?" DAY OF NOVEMBER zozioij':'VsV,f'i;;',.,


THE HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE C.R.:K'UiviA.RA'SW,flIi9!i{._ V':  

CRIMINAL PETITION NO.5Ei4__1:}'A-'2VO'10E"_..r -. 2 "  E E


1. Sri. H. Rajesh Nayak
S/o Ramana Nayak,
Aged 39 years,

2. Sri. Ramana Nayak-,a   a 
S/0 Late Pandura_nga:§>N_a',(a'~!<,  V
Aged 75 Y§ar5L"   

Both are residing at 

Sri Vinayaka  « ' ~  i 

Behind Police Station,'  A'  .  = "

Hebri, Udupi Distngzt. _ ' .  "   Petitioners

(By. Sri. My  KurI9Ia*r,. ,A_dy.ocate)

Ai\iD.:_V » E'

 Seema' £\ia'ya",k, 
 \N'/o Rajesh Nayak}: A
'Flat -No.501, ,.5'i"_FIoor,
"~Suvdarshan Residency,
~. .1 Nearfitl Ci-céiiis Convent,
 Udupi".  *    Respondent

Swarna Kama! Associates, Advocates)


This Criminal Petition is filed under Section 407 of Code of
Criminal Procedure praying to transfer the proceedinijs._V’i-n

C.Mis.No.50/2010 (Annexure-E) pending on the
Metropolitan Magistrate Traffic Court–II, BangaloretVo~..,Ad:d:i~tionai~ C

Civil iuclge and Judicial Magistrate of First Class ‘at,

This Criminal Petition is coming on forl’adrniss,i.o_n’: this

the Court made the following:


Learned counsel for the memo dated

18.11.2010. The mein’Q,iead:s as

“The peti”tio’nef:suoth’its:”th:at sin_’ce’Vthe trial Court on
the point of juriVs’dicfti.oi1s.lfide”‘o_rd’er dated 12/11/2010
was pleasetlto o’b’s–er\i’.e has no jurisdiction and
the petition “4sh.o;.:’ltl.v”be- filed at Udupi District, the
the peti’ti’o-ner in filing transfer petition is
by*.ti*…e””»order of the trial Court, hence the
Ap”e.titli.onei*4iir_ra_ys;’to dismiss the petition as withdrawn,

keeping tli~e_vl’i’iblerty to file fresh petition in case of

appeat! and adverse order against the order of

“..trial’€,ourt on jurisdiction, in the interest of justice


‘lg-__an.d equity.”


3. In View of the memo dated 18.11.2010, this

Petition is dismissed as withdrawn.

Sd/ii.i i;i TI i i i

Gss/ –

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