Sri Javead Iqbal S/O Sayed Usman … vs Venkatasubba Reddy S/O … on 13 March, 2008

Karnataka High Court
Sri Javead Iqbal S/O Sayed Usman … vs Venkatasubba Reddy S/O … on 13 March, 2008
Author: Mohan Shantanagoudar

IN THE HIGH COURT or KARNA?A¥"g§3A§§i6é§LORé"   n  
ones 11-as 'me 1a«»:».:«os     

me HON'BLE M§§;J§JSTiC E'}.§§l§e?§A1§ smuvmwwmn


daved Iqbal:  h  .  
8/0 Say¢<1%UwnVfifi


initxries and deformities sustaumd' and as  fiifikfilfv [T €33.

underwent two major 0pera1ion§...f(3_r  1

Court awards Rs.45,000/-       '  

and autfemg and Rs.45,0§LV)_Q;'..g' '  or
amenities at' life as     shortening
of the leit lewer limb  

6. Tbs;   bills mm
Rs. 1,.44,6:a8f}_;,   only that much at
 more amount also. This
  fatxt. that the clajmnt 'm not

expectxad    medical bills meticulously dun-mg

  As the damn' ant was hlpmtfl t in

   45 days, he might have taken the nssimmwe

fit' also. Hence, this Court prefers to award

   Rs. 1,'C§;{".K)0/- under the head of mediml expenses.

 '7. However, the mmpcnsation awarded by the


6., Rs.10,000/- towards attendant cha1%,

Rs.86,500/- towards loss of ixmome during the laid up



period, Rs.5,000/- towards conveyance, nutr’:

and Rs.15,0()0/– towards future, 313$:

and proper and the same are ‘A

the claimant-appellant is ‘-4″

what is awarded by “SR3. claimant-
appellant is entitled of Rs.3,71,.5{)(}/-.
Awarci, The cmimam
appellafilt ii compensatien Gf 123.3,? 1,500/–

(Rupees ‘i’.1_1 me ‘9§¢éfii§one thousand five hundmd only)

V “is. of amount alrmy awarded by the

from the date 91’ petition an the date of

k % . ‘;’Awa1’d shall be drawn accordingly. 50% of the

_ .. fiaount shall be deposiwd in any Nationalised Bank;

claiman.t’s choice for a of three The

T “Vé1aj1nant–appei1ax1t is at liberty to withdraw the accrued



disbursedto thec1aimant~appefi1-int. .. 3 A

Appealis allowed s

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