Sri K.M.Ramesh vs State By Harohall Police Station on 5 March, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Sri K.M.Ramesh vs State By Harohall Police Station on 5 March, 2009
Author: K.Bhakthavatsala
IIu\.r- I \u\uI\ll\I \Il' l\I'\fl!'."'If"'\"'  

IN THE HIGH caum or KARNATAKA AT'   --  
nacmn THIS TIE Sm 1:z.sm:w;%:f    & kk

"3i's"='%**'~"% T      
ms i-mN'BLE  

snK.MRam-a,   M
P-zed abut 5~'3=':£ears,  A
Rf01§0.f3j,3"'§l'3f<Zi*6fig %  

 "    N J  ' net.

 , «_ (By sel, Adm-(mine)

H 'Siam ; j J 'Pa1ice. Stafinn.

. Respondent.

% J R.Giz-ji, HCGP)

This paition is filed under Senctiaan 482 Cr.P.C.

‘ tod1ra-ct’ t&t:r1’a1Cou1-ttxzrelease the pe1:mn’ ‘ um-

enhis personalbonxiorizitlrxealiaezxuatémetrn furnish twat:
stzretia and net: to impose the aonclitisan to furmnflh two
mdep-mtleazxt aunties in trash and may bail petitfiorm,
direct the respondent tn earzxplete the ixtrvmtjwfin

-.uuIU Ur Iv-\I-uunu-uxu ruun \.uu!u pr Ixnnwnlnnu ruurv uuunv ur nnnwruunuv-I I-nun Luuiu ur Iv-utnu-\u-usn nluri I..vuIu Ur l\Hl(NAIAIU-I Hiuh Luau!

pomsm from the year 2004 :31: date. and
sheet within three weeks from the c1ata::_r.:~..f in,
fir’: petzm’ ‘ mmd no dn-act’ the ‘

trial within three mnr1t& “qf’=.£ling

charge sheet giving priority to this as
B of the year 2004 ‘p¢fition::r”f$__v_a

This petition 9:1” ¥:’rrdm’a_ the
Court made tfzcfolloxvirxg;

eoum;’§ff§r jvaetitinvn is dismissed am

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