Sri T A Ramababu vs The State Of Karnataka on 12 March, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Sri T A Ramababu vs The State Of Karnataka on 12 March, 2009
Author: P.D.Dinakaran(Cj) And K.L.Manjunath
 3. Thé State of Karnataxa;


:3 $33 3:63 CQQRT OF KAREAEAKA Am EAfiG$£§RE%_

sAmg3 Tags :53 12"'§Ax as MRc3,:ééé§C}f§f\

TEE HON'BL£'MR4 yfim. 31NAK$RAmg~fiai£% §§$§:ciif
TEE fi0fl'§LE M? JUsfi;fi$ K;;. §A§g§§%§H
wax? AppsLvfifilzigegfiéfiéigfimfxnay

BE K 3

?.§uRamh$b$ 319 T 3:, _ .
Adiseshaaacis, 51»yéars,;
firugfi Cafitfial fiépaftmant,
Mangalere Ciréle, "." "
firesefit Addresa},"_&«w

R19 Ko.53I§_33 5A'_Cr¢ss,
Banga;&reȤI;,v A. 9. AQPELLAET

»:*»§Eg'5ri}fifS%Jn15, $enior~A§vn¢ate £0;
V' '=_Zvncate Smt.$.S.Vijayalak$hmi)


L,x'Rjby its fiearetary,
'_=_Hga1th a Family Welfare
3 fiepartment, M.$.Euilding/
F Vikasa Saudha,
vidana Veedi,


2, The Midi. Izmpectczr General oi"
Felice, Karnataka Lokayuktha,
M.S.Bui3.d.:xi.ng, Viaflxana Veedhi,
Bangalore-1 .   _

3. The Dmgs Controller in 1
Karnataka, Palace Road, A   " '  
Ba.ngal::e--1 . V  ;.  V 

(By sr1.B.veer;ppa, agj._=_

This Writ*ApgeaI*i3"§i1&fi.findar Sec.4 oi
The Karnataka'  *__Cc:;urt  set aside the
order pasezed 'I__gi.n  __   Em. 16929/2006 dated.

aoe.§_.f’ ‘~»”C=.=.. =.~

‘ » ‘ V an :E at pm; iminary
hearing.’ this , J . delivered the
f:311¢w:i.ng:= ”

awH_g_p 3 G M E H T

filed. this appea}. challenging

thé 3.12:1 earnestness Qf dismissal cf

“*2 his whgfi petitian in HP Ha.16929!28G6 dated


The aificoraasaici. writ petitien was film by

tha ayguellant challenging the legality of the


” V 31219399


the: saneticga éated 26.9§2G06 granting liberty
to urge ether contentions cyan to the appellant

befcre the Sesszcms £’Jc>ur*;u


&Chief Iustica

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