Srimati Sushila Gupta vs Rabindra Kumar Gupta on 7 April, 2011

Patna High Court – Orders
Srimati Sushila Gupta vs Rabindra Kumar Gupta on 7 April, 2011
                        C.R. No.1 of 2011
                    SRIMATI SUSHILA GUPTA
                    RABINDRA KUMAR GUPTA

3/ 07.04.2011 I.A. No. 877 of 2011

Issue notice to opposite party by ordinary

process as also by registered post with A/D in the

present interlocutory application, as also in the main

Civil Revision matter to show cause as to why the

reliefs prayed for on behalf of the petitioner be not

granted to him. Requisites for issuance of notices

must be filed within a period of one week, failing

either of which Interlocutory Application and the Civil

Revision application shall stand rejected without

further reference to a Bench.

List this matter under the same heading

immediately, after service of notice or on

appearance of opposite party, whichever is earlier.

In the meantime, for a period of three

months, further proceeding of Misc. Case No. 42 of

2007, pending in the Court of learned Sub-Judge

4th, Ara shall remain stayed.

( Birendra Prasad Verma, J.)

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