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Jharkhand High Court
Sumanta Seth Ors vs State Of Jharkhand on 19 August, 2011

                                                        W.P.(Cr.)No.35 of 2010
 Sumanta Seth & ors.                                 …..Petitioners       
  State of Jharkhand                                   ….. Respondent  
                                           CORAM : HON’BLE THE ACTING CHIEF JUSTICE  

                            For the petitioner      : Mr.R.Sharma,Sr.Adv.

        For the Complainant  :  Mr.Indrajit Sinha 

                          Order no.5                                         Dated­ 19
    August , 2011

        1.            Since, it is a matrimonial dispute matter , therefore, it 

will be appropriate that some time may be granted to the parties, so 

as   to   work   out,   if   there   is   any   possibility   of   settlement   and, 

therefore,   the   learned   counsel   for   the   parties   are   requested   to 

explore the possibility of settlement between the parties.

2. In view of the above reasons, put up this matter on 12th 

September, 2011.

3. Meanwhile, further proceedings in C/1 Case No. 78 of 

2008 pending before the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Chaibasa 

shall remain stayed till 12th September, 2011.

4. Put up this matter on 12th September, 2011.

               (   Prakash Tatia, A.C.J. )



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