The Chairman Keb Cauvery Bhavan vs Mallamma W/O Dyawappa Sadapur on 20 August, 2008

Karnataka High Court
The Chairman Keb Cauvery Bhavan vs Mallamma W/O Dyawappa Sadapur on 20 August, 2008
Author: K.Sreedhar Rao Gowda
IN 'EEK HEGH COi.3R'i' {>13 E{fi.E€N:¥£'A§'{A

<::H2:<;::;:T £3E:N{":}:{ AT <:§umA:+':€m  '

DA'i'E3i'} THIS mg gag}; my Qgfflwaawz-§*:'T"géigmi     A

'ma EQN 23%: MP3. Jr_;s'1'r€§,m,.'.?{:"E"":;«:_£'?r:' E.» f:§V£§:EifiE:;?€if'%§{5a;'}§E GQW{}A
£353 C,_{5.§§%§j«-€f§'21§]'2"{}{}{}

}3}§3'1"v%'E3E§\é:  -~ 1I;_,_ 3

_£~3fF}~": N0.E>6I3e[9'9 * T. A'  "fi 


The £Z§”3ai.Vi3’E:’$a;3,V V _
. BB. Catzvszgjg Bhéavazfi, »–
Bagigaififffi. ” ‘

E3;’~<<%c:iir33;ze2,_ 'i%§:1g:§ne€1°,A E§';'ii=i. E, ,
' ~ 33 ga3.}:;at _m;~3,:§. f3.ijapLzr.


. V L 3, Tfié .E}%FE:1I1gifl6€F,

Sintiagi ‘:’-a?1;;:s:;

.. j – w§3ijapu1′ D§.;e_:-1i1″‘i:.:tm A . Appeilaxlts,

Paiii, fer appfi, Sri Prafiiaanth Kazmaz” S. C~€;:~mI* far


t’ x)



Wfa Dyawappa Sadapm”,
Age: majar,

E/0 filhamafli,

P. C}. ‘A$a3::tapur,.

Sinciagi Tamii, , » T.

83333312: Dis¥:ri:::f:.. __ ,,__.§iesp<:;:1{i€n'z:«..__

»w.«:mw:~' 2

This mm. {mi u:1«.:ié;"' <3n::e:a.%% 1 %1a:sj;::;c" ~.1 rjw sec.% 3:"
(ERG, against tht: ¢_,f1,1dg:11€11'i._Va:§§£fIfI¢::::',1't":vé' (?Eatee:i 165/8/99
p£iSS€d in (3.8. I\2'r:z_fj€ia§'3j<;3'? €;.';~iv:i""JL:<igc; Sr. 33:1.
Bijapm; dccreeizzgs't§1€;,s1,1it ";_)a1%*t§:§;' for _1*z:*¢Tcz:.r..r":'s§,-7 of dz«m1agr~:::s.

R.F.A.N9,6i28/2;J{}£fi:_a_" .'_

Smi. E\i1aiZarI1ma_xé%;'vLi;. I}§;3aa¥3.1ffpa _ *
Sadapurg Ag ;r’iC.?f(::s::M 1.111′,-___” _

Ki 0 ifflaixzaiii, 25;}. 2&sa13f2pi;2.r;”‘

Taluk: SiI1;iagi, £)_is:. Bi_iaAp;_::’«..\

Sifliiifi h€E’;;f}O?h hams ai”1C£ éiég

YE’§.:'{:1i§ a:np£.1t;;t{:d_ as p€:?}’},€’.¥.”

§}§1″€.€i?;ii}1″i fie? hzgsigand rep:*€sen1i$

‘This;-, p:;’.f.i€i0:1″ D};’m-Vapgga Efiasappa
Sadapm-*’.__ z*T:g:’:7T”§:f;aj«7n$;r;”

»1…&%:3,c(:; Cufflié, E /5. ‘::*%;*:a.tha1:; APPELLA:~;rT

Prafifianth Kumar S. C’%a%:.1:3″,§

‘:~.’_:AN{;3f:”_ .

H ‘V:T’V;i~,–. §;heFfiiiaié <3? Eiaiizaiaka, mgreii. Bjs;

1' 173…:

* .Ej)s:put}; C(}IE1’§I}iSSiQI1€:I’, E§ija;§::_:1*.

;f1’i€ (}§1a3’3,””:11an§ 1«i.EZ:,§E3. Kaveri Bhavmz,


3 ,.



fodder on 4/ 19/ 1994. The live Wire was cut and lyingcn the

ground. The plaintiff came in eentact with

sustained grievous injuries resulting in

hands and one leg. The total body :4

at 100%. The plainfifi was aged _aLbcfi”i:– em ti1e1″1’e <5fV

accident. In the absence of cf plaintiff
income is to be assessed ' V
It is the ec_I1tentic_1f1 T'_ cf (appellant in

R.F.A.Nc.6__63,§ came in Contact with the

live wire "teat. vtheré cm the part of the K.E.B.

:0 pay compefisaficnf:

VA was cut and lying on the road because of

‘ V imcrajjer Hence K.E.I~3. wnnot avoid

Iiiihilitbf Z %

V’ V’ V. n Ox1Are;examinaticn of evidence, the p1a5ntifi’ is entitled to

_§:£$3:11f::ge1fieaticn of Rs.1,{}O,<300/- for pain and agony,

'V V u}'€s;2;0£),GG{)/– far 1053 of amenities and future discomfort,

Rs.2100x12x16%4,G3,200/–~ tewarcis loss of future income on

account of disability. Rs.10,000/–« for less of income during

laid up periad, Rs.20,0{)O/- for

expenses, Rs.1,00,000/- for '

including mplaeement of '

all thfi plaintiff is entitled fife? I§§s.;8AJ;?33,200/-.
6% pa. interest from payment on the
enhanced Cfimmngamn

Accordmgxgs dismissed and .'R.F'.A
Na.628 / 99 ' .<:1:;i1ancemen£ is aiiewed.

44 L Sd/mt



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