The Director National … vs B V Venkatachalappa on 6 December, 2010

Karnataka High Court
The Director National … vs B V Venkatachalappa on 6 December, 2010
Author: N.Kumar And Nagaraj
121 um man own? or KARRATAKA AT BAN:§am:i§E%y

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'1':-m HOBVBLE MR..JUS'f'!_{3E:_-l'T,KIHg§:T2£FZ*- %  g *  T T 5
THE HOBFBLE n«1R.JUs'nt;;:,  A



Karissa: nrfijancumatism cmma

 ""'V5_6'V:lk..{'}a3':"_."' %

 2. TI¢i;E"Dm§fiC:T<2!i3€§E1§ERAL


 =.1mm.Y WELFARE smavw

'  'nir'E1.::eff'1<3_ n':z.;Ii1;_-e:.11o cm

3}; In  1;i.t9$#F_ timm
REF E? as smcamaav
aamamwnr or man

 V. mnswvos Hmnmmp


A  rmw I)}§LHI-- no om  mrmoxsns

k%   amamcnanma, ADV. mg smnsvams, Ase;



RJC} I’l’O.46. 235 RAM, 473
EAECEKIQRE – 56¢) 040 ‘

2. am.s.nA<3ARA.ItI
AGE: asvmaa
R/ONO.18[1,1='-'1'FL0§)R —
ORGfiARD3,Bh1lGaAE.OR;E-3 " ~

3. sm.12..Jrr2:zq::,:gg, R _
S10 cum

RIC} :::c.3._ A-‘ss12x’s.;a.Vx
am £)RO$;$§”é2B,8~..L&Ye§IT. ;
‘-.§f569’9:9’}”~__ ” * ”

é A;¢3»E:*2’¥§ ‘1’1’i’..,.AR3
» V ‘age 1§£1!,i«§;”–%ADI mmm

% РE32: 355.ӎ3TfiGE

-~ 560 035 RE3P0!Fi’3L}E!€TS

L s {av smmsavmm vmaaanmm, wvcaoxm;

writ petitien is filed under Articles 225 and

n af 12:: ‘name a. writ in the
nature: nf <:=ertiarar£ quaslrzim tin ordm claw. 4.2.2004
=~ inOANo.683ancI688to6'%/1993onth:efi1eofthe

CAT. Baxgalem Bmch vide Ann-A.



ERRGALQRE – 560 093


xmrrr. or HEALTHAKD
mum? mnram 1 A
NEWDELHI- 119001 r .


REPBYl’£’S7.$E§3V2E}s?TAaRY’;_ 4. ”
_ A

FAklILY’;’£?ELFAIé.?%” Lsxmvxcas A

NEWDELIIIé+ 1&1,{3«.0(}«1_ ‘-__ pmmausm

(BY FOR s1u.DmmAss,Ase3


.. $ai.a.’sJar

% fagesunvgzsaxvam

‘ A .AaE:.fé=2, E3333, Rm KGL1588
= sax w%Rz>An, E BLOCK


— 550 9 10

; m:.s;’c§.RA1.>HAmHzrtA
. syo (LATE) S.V.GOPAI.A. mo

AGE: sqmzam, R19 HCL15

WK% “, 5?” MAIN’
” 879 CRQ88. KRISHRAFPA B14003

EAHQALGRE -~ 566 032

3, sRI.a.sIIm’rm
ma mecvmm mo
AGE: 33 mm, Rm rmmvas
s’m1aAm,9’m mom
RFC LAYOUT, vzmvmmcam 11 z %

smmz, mnmzom — 559 94:} . 7 RA’Ev._.’?a I’*’£.:’#:5I!i§3I;)a3V;*V,”1fi:°’1’5″‘–.’.”‘ 1; %

war smmsavanm

1% writ “‘::.1f1:1¢1-‘.. “226 and
$7 of tlm Con5ti1:u.tio’i1~ t:’§–fi&§i::a_ a writ in the
nature of m-tiorari 4.2.2804-
in 01%. No.68? 9:51 the file of the
CAT; ”

ardm this day,
fm _ are filed by the D1recto’ 1′,

V’ “” Camzne c the ordesr
ya ‘f§1*1g2§:v:'(2e11tat’a1 Ag frame Tribunal which

afiaa order dated 1 1.9.’2(I33 by which’

tm rmpomlmt; was: fixed at levmr grada and

wmre asmd to refimxi the wmms awunt pafl


2′ ‘lm rapondenta are wot}-ting as caomuters in
the Natfional Tubamubsis Ixmtixutae (rm).
appomea m the wage cnf 1209-so-1550-435-2e§ c _

mule af pay in them at
pe1:it§:mm- chase m fix git;
£24509» 125-‘mm. at issued
by the Dirwtnor of pay wake
givmx 1:: the Tiny wem

med were aha directed 12::

pay mafia af wfmt tag: are
m.tit}g:d._ f same, they prmrmd an

,. ,._& 9 which the

aside the cider and directed me

_ in have a. show mum 3:mt1ce’ to the

if they propeaa to reduee their pay seals and

the replies, if any, I-ecuévw from the applimxnm
VT : , ‘ was appropriaha atrium. Subaequmtly, the

9» A. raspofletnm aubmxfi their mfion am n*fi’a;c:t’


they claifi the pay scale of £5000-150-wifié;

comideratizm of the said riemafian,

‘ tlm request fer the aealg V

3000 and aha reduced

2.4w3»1oe-5909. Amuaj am k %

reawndmts p¢efea’ree1__ A’ “bef:§i-e tbs
xnatmial an rwpondenm
were reduntian
cf Jcomeaquently demand
sat aside. It aim rejected

ta £91′ a P33′ scale to
as untzenable. Awm by the said

_ nrflfiw, arebeiure this Court.

Learmcl mama}. fer tha puetifisonsar mntsndeé

‘ it is mm that afier the fifih pay mxmmxkn report

é inatmd arm:-mg than re-mad pay 9-miss of the reapon:ien’ca\/

at £4000-100-6000, it was fixed at E4500-125-70f§,[ It

was a mistake. Whm this m’mtake was

a direction was isauced ta inmate

set right the mm, the ‘V
hearing mm, tbs: pay scalckvargs at .
eons. Hdthar the Auamnzgs the
‘1’:-i1:n% have the pay
scale ather mg Lg. the pay
eafi i::x;,_V that the order

to the well
amn-my tn the fiflh pay

<:om..sa: 4 tkwrefh' it xnqum' to be set aside.

'gay scale of the respondmts had been
mmbofim the ocsrmct pay smk:

by they Ind given a pay wk to which they

% mined, prabably authoritim were juan:ae.d' in
V tha?' step azfl the my scale according
" in the fifth pay ecmmhainn. 'l'hnn., we weufi mt have

.. ..

intmrferad with the mama’. But thaa autharitiea. with

their eyes wide open, lmowing that the

mfitked to as particular pay scabs accexrding
pay mmmiasbn, still have ai ”

hgher pay than they Wm-e

mm» ion, and pafl %%£a;§ a 7 _f2d.e.;~§éble

period. cm ma groumlq, fat’ ‘fl:__ia has game for
them in re-ca11 the regard, it *3
necessary to _a – the ofice

nrdser Imy scale of the
V fifish pay wmmmw “flan. It
A V’ s

2 .. or mm
xtaztxomr. maxawm msrrrtrrn

‘ ” T.::t:rmE<::f9m'rE amszean 03 Exam SERVICES

'%2:(;.,a , gamma? man, BARGALORE — 559 am

_ 1r.fia;«s;5g;m9£~zEau; mama: @"'Aprfl2G0£


R: w" ditactiannu zcweireé {mm Enintry offlcaith and

_ F'vm.fljr W=Em'e, New Deflfi, with their letter E'a.A.1fi018[14[95-
' V ZEJCCD flamed 14.2.2043}, the ace}: ofgay marcted umlarv C96:
" 'hi the following efitiah af Ilafinaal 3h Inmfie,

'V _ ' Bangalore, is batehyieviw vr.¢.£ Ltwfil as given Edwi-


.;§;; ..

normal replatmmt cf pay ml: am pm’

wmmiaeizm in respect ttaf the

2.4000 mo-ewe. which is & ‘

Column Nt’.:.2 amaze. Still,

mg or 2.4500-125-»7ooo% A %

Irxstitzute. A.ocozdsng1y, pay were
mad at 2.4500-xzsvrcwjrtj am revising
the pay to 114500-

3253000. titmwas
it ‘3 not open to
rim é afice ordmn If it was
a dam it. As it in aka: Rom.

” V. wt mat above, it is not .3.

eyes Wide op-m, though they knew
i _ am eligible only to the pay aoale of
aflzcr m their pay scab w.e.f.
% x as :.4or;n:2~1oo-sow, they revised the pay

w.e.f. 1.4.2001 fmm 2.4590-125-mm. It is

% ‘ becauae, as said clearly by the Tribunal, mm

rwpoafiants am gaduatw arid pezrsom

worbhg in the same depa.rtment and um
holdwa, area gtantad higher ‘
the fifich pay mmanumion

ham mm»; none of. Wm} % L %%w1¢a Aim %

ma pay scale, thay fizugd rm’:
Imtitutrien and they amt pay acalae of
the I-eaporxiérjtmi as on
1.4.2001 and awe-125-7000 in
the ragzesaitize that justice: has
hm Aw and no me fir

nut under Articlw 226 arfi

” egmseufign oflndia.

assume! $0: the gum’ ‘ mar amelmnded

t}:*;§”i~wauld be a pmeadem and create problem; in

A The ordm” passed by the Tribunal is purely in
h facts of thk parzzggn’ may ease. The ordw passed by
” the Tribmaa}. at the ordex pm;-.d by thh Court. mum


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