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Lok Sabha Debates
The Minister Of State Of The Ministry Of Statistics And Programme … on 4 August, 2010


Title: The Minister of State of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation laid a statement regarding status of implementation of the recommendations contained in the 4th Report of the Standing Committee on Finance on Demands for Grants (2009-10), pertaining to the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

THE MINISTER OF STATE OF THE MINISTRY OF COAL AND MINISTER OF STATE OF THE MINISTRY OF STATISTICS AND PROGRAMME IMPLEMENTATION (SHRI SHRIPRAKASH JAISWAL): Sir, I am making this statement on the implementation status of the recommendations contained in the Fourth Report of the Standing Committee on Finance in pursuance of Direction 73A of the hon. Speaker of Lok Sabha.

The Standing Committee on Finance examined the Demands for Grants of the Ministry/ of Statistics and Programme Implementation for the year 2009-10 and presented / laid their Fourth Report to the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on 02-12-2009. there were 8 recommendations made by the Committee in the said report where action was called for on the part of the Government. The major recommendations mainly related to –

1)    The Ministry to undertake an effective exercise for identifying the shortcomings in the mechanism of the budgetary planning and ensuring proper utilization of funds.

2)    It required strengthening the statistical systems of the States and avoiding the prolonged procrastinated discussions with the World Bank. The committee expected that the dependence on foreign or World Bank loans for such an important project should be avoided, in view of the fact that correct statistical data being extremely important for economic, social and strategic planning.

3)     The committee was concerned that the sample size for NSSO Surveys has remained un-changed in the last 20 years despite the manifold increase in population.

4)     The Committee recommended that building a strong statistical infrastructure with National Statistical System being in sync with the concerned Central Ministries and the State Govts, without any vested interest in the administrative system was an imminent necessity in the interest of the overall development and growth of the country.


5)               There were shortcomings in the mechanism of inter-ministerial as well as inter-state co-ordination for resolving the problems for implementing the projects. It would be appropriate to take corrective steps for addressing issues contributing to delays and cost escalation in implementing projects.

6)       The committee noted that despite repeated requests of the Ministry, eliciting information from NHAI in respect of the budgetary outlays for individual NHBP packages, the organization has failed to furnish the requisite information in this regard.

7)      The committee noted that the process of compiling and bringing out separate Consumer Price Indices for urban and rural areas CPI (Urban) and CPI (Rural) was yet to materialize.

8)       The Committee noted that too much time was taken for releasing the final results of the Economic Census Surveys.

The present status of implementation of the various recommendations made by the hon. Committee is indicated in the Annexure to my statement which is laid on the Table of the House.

          I would not like to take the valuable time of the House and read out the contents of the Annexure. Hence, I would request that this may be considered as read.






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