The Rail Wheel Factory vs Rajkumar Phulekar on 2 March, 2009

Karnataka High Court
The Rail Wheel Factory vs Rajkumar Phulekar on 2 March, 2009
Author: P.D.Dinakaran(Cj) And K.L.Manjunath
TEE §E§'iJ'E"§ fifii-§si1SSI€3.,'°ER


§ TEE §:S?R:CT 391$; wELFg3£WGE?:¢Eg =fi '
Emax 2     '

Elfififi , ._::~, W

{By sx::B.vEg2g§§A¢'§$,E§a;géxE¢'a}

ma? A§?E§L IS §ZL§§.§£$ 4L9? fag 3%RR§§§&h
313% $633? Ag% }fi:g3:fi§*5§§~?S§§ mé$1§§ T53 GRQER
?&S$EE EET ?§E @i%.:§$§:§:§§f §§.1§£54;2aa? Qkffifi
3!11!2Qa§;m, \""" '="=~ A' %

T1213figgeag,:::z§;:i:;::g"'«m*2= fbr §x@3.:1,mi.:1argr heaping

this gay, EfiJ§&$§V§;»$e1:v:ea the faligwing:

';§&e agggiifint :5 ghallenging the iegaiity ad

 4c:::r:*ta-ctfgégaa af 'E3113 $355145: gagsetzi by the iearnefi

'- éin§Z£,'J$dge: sf this Cart 1% 'w.?.§g.12§§é;2ea?

*» §:53" ¥¢vw§b%x zaaag whigfi yetitiafi was fgseé by

  ';,::eS@f16l@:;t E93... 8/


2. The 1" respondent joined the appellant

based on a. caste certificate issued by tpa

Talusildar 119153.129 him as a.

Accerciing to the respont:.1.ent.V ?:.§ bélfifzga VA

caste and jezzined railways i:;:VV_» and
that now he is wor3c1nQ;rL..’:%’* :aA_s;_ Hafierxal
Manager. The aferesaid filed by
the resgzondent 91$; apgaellant
hezein has the irahsildar,
Bidar, 121.. >C:# $’;§..’.?€.’-Q, .1-rithcaut issuing any
z:.t:i.c::e er grganifing’ tc: him. The
leargzed S;§.’:.;1g’le. hearing, has disposed

at 1*” xsegpqnclentf

a detailed reply befcre the

i’.).#L$1ix:_§.c:t ‘(‘:a,,s+.__;é -.*§’?arifi,caticn Co::m33.’t;tee altmg with

airazulars/notification/crders to

that he belcmgs ta ‘eezznda’ caste

” -~-‘2’z%.:3 been treated. as Scheduled ‘1″.r1,be’ and

1 ‘ ” ~ fifiss-gfiéafter directed. the D1 stri. ct Gas te


_ Judge

vamuld be in a position to know whether .
certificataa obtained by him is,”,V¢orrw;~:¢t”‘ :§;§:¢.3:* “‘nr;; V
Therefore, this Qourt does not

this appeal.

5. Aaaordizxgly,

* f ” ‘Chief Justice


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