Thousif @ Ayya vs State By Kadur Police on 25 October, 2010

Karnataka High Court
Thousif @ Ayya vs State By Kadur Police on 25 October, 2010
Author: N.Ananda
_ 1 {LA


DATED THIS THE 25TH DAY or 0CfE913'fr:R:52o.1od 7'  '« 

THE I-IONBLE Mafiatosricse   R
CRIMINAL PE'I'I'1'_I_t:)"i~I:t_1\T--(.)_v.45.E'S{)V,A/_2.'() 1 0

BETWEEN:    d it A
Thousif@Ayy'a  V
S/o Va1iA1<i'arn;ad  :
Aged about"'2,27.Years.:   . _ 
Residing at -Ctanesha_nagar*- 

S1um--area;~~iBa'gQor Road '  
Channarayapat1§..a.   _ -- ...PETITIONER

[By sriN.Natafajlt;Aatxgjrrtr 

it  A  fioiice
 /'  R€tDf€$€11t'?.d"*bY
" ._ "State I3_L1_b1ig:Vi'3rosecutor. ...RESPONDENT

('By  Vij ayakumar Majage, HCGP)

This Cr1.P is filed under Section 439 Cr.P.C

"'._V"'p--r'aying to enlarge the petitioner on bail in
 S.C.No.76/2008 pending on the file of the Additional
District and Sessions Judge, Chikmagalur, registered

for the offences punishable under sections 120(B}, 450,
395 IPC.

-- 2

This petition coming on for orders this'jV:ci'af§gr-,.e:"'the

Court made the following:  ' =  " ' 

The petitioner is arrayed ..=1s”accused .;N _in’Crin’ie

No.27?)/2007 registered for offenclesz punishlabiett’ur;.§j1’er.tL

Sections 395, 450 and 12o~’s§i’1Pc. i

2. Heard learned jjetitioner and
iearried GovernmentVPi-eaderttt and I have

beentaken Viamfestigation records.

3.Vx”i’h%e-1eVarr1edsGovernment Advocate submits that

baii a.ppl.ication’v£iEed by the co~accused was dismissed

A in Criminal Petition No.4377/2008 on

it 1 1._2oo%_3f

.. ;’4:_. ‘The petitioner and other accused are aileged to

t.Vhai_re committed dacoity in the house of first informant

and stoie gold ornaments, a mobile hand sets and DB1-3L

gun. After the arrest, on the information volunteered by

in W a

, 3 _

petitioner. a mobile hand set was recovered;_:”‘filhe

petitioner is in judicial custody since 4_

trial of the case is half way through’. It ‘ ;

order sheet dated 8l.8.2VO1O.l’:’the~_V_learned -tri«al’

had directed issuance of sur1rmons’–.to 30;
33 and other witnesses as”‘per’j4the,rnerno'”to”l3e filed by
the learned Public Prosecutor the trial to

2.12.2010,§.l3;:1p:t2r.~201p0 4.. I

5. ‘(T315 M Government Advocate would
subrnitp that in all ‘there’ ‘ are 66 witnesses.

if V(3on:_sVideriVr1g the nature of offences alleged

petitioner and the tardy progress of trial, I am of

~. the ‘that petitioner can be released on bail.

subject to following conditions:

” In the result, I pass the following order:

Petition is accepted. Petitioner is released on bail,

_ 4 _
1] Petitioner/accused No.6 shall execute a bond

for a sum of Rs.50,000/- and offer a

the likesum to the satisfaction of_juriS’d.i¢ti:di1ai~.9


2] Petitioner/accused N0.i6 shtaiiv net

tamper with the
3] Petitioner/a,c§:useti”1’Iti::6″Shall fegttlafly attend

the Court.



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