Urged Upon The Government To Help In Conducting More Research In The … on 18 August, 2000

Lok Sabha Debates
Urged Upon The Government To Help In Conducting More Research In The … on 18 August, 2000

Title: Urged upon the Government to help in conducting more research in the field of alternative energy by using our own resources available in the form of molasses and bagasse from sugarcane.

*SHRI K.K. KALIAPPAN (GOPICHETTIPALAYAM): Hon’ble Deputy Speaker Sir, in our country we get power alcohol that can be a fuel in a good measure. But we import such fuel and other petroleum based fuel, spending thousands of crores of rupees. This lavish heavy spending is resorted to by this Government. When our country imports vehicle fuel from foreign countries draining our foreign exchange reserves, countries like America, France, Brazil, Phillippines, Kenya, Mexico are going in for rectifying power alcohol to make motor spirit. Such rectified alcohol obtained from the sugar cane waste ‘bagasse’ serve as a substitute for petrol used as a fuel. This will help avoiding environment pollution also. Non-conventional Energy Resources Department has also conducted several researches to find out the viability of such alternative fuel from industrial alcohol. The tests have also been successful. This calls for a coordination between the Ministries of Chemicals, Petroleum, Power, Environment, Food & Food Processing, Agriculture and several State Governments and oil corporations. A concerted effort in this direction must go on. About 400 metric tonnes of alcohol are available as excess from all the sugar plants in our country. These molasses-based-alcohol when converted as motor spirit would not require any converter in the vehicle engines. Cattle feed could also be manufactured from those waste and hence a thorough study must be conducted to identify their applications in various fields. Though we have abundant sugar cane productivity, sugar mills are meeting with several problems leading to the verge of being closed. At a time when our sugar production is more, we needlessly entered into an agreement with Pakistan to import sugar from there. About 170 metric tonnes of sugar produced in India is still lying there. This has resulted in the non-payment of their dues to the sugarcane growers and farmers.

*Translation of the speech Originally deliveredn in Tamil.

The founder leader of our AIADMK party Dr MGR had recited that. Is it not that the rich natural resources of our great land are of vast extant? Then why should we go to foreign countries with a begging bowl extended?

I would like to point out to this Government and urge upon this Government to go in for conducting more research to make use of our own resources available in the form of bagasse and molasses from sugarcane.

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