Vinarom Private Limited vs Nil on 21 April, 2009

Karnataka High Court
Vinarom Private Limited vs Nil on 21 April, 2009
Author: H.G.Ramesh

IN THE BIGH C$URT 6? K§.R§iifi"Ai(fi fin?' Efifiififiifififi 

BATE!) THIS ms 215' may or AF'R§E. 2999' q'  =


'ms i-£6?-FBLE F!fi.3U$3"1CE E-i.jGiA.fR}fi.?~1¥E.'?'si¢§j~.,.. : _': 5  '-

éompam: Petiticn      "


PLGT N326, 2%' megs:


AREEKAL TALUK, Jiiifisfxzi _ 5 '   _ 
KARNATAKA ~-- 562 105- V  --  "  mssfziraaaa

(av SR1 sm.m_<:§:--§--§; éff*":9fi;s.%j3%.i:.q . L:-:£31g%.L; §g:§%50c;fi'E$.;

ARE}: 1 4' ' . _
MEL  =  V   ' ..RE$ifi€3i%éi§E§§'1"
(87 MS. PREMEQ aAT'¥I,V::.+s;s;c;-Ema R.0.C.)

Tfiies P EE"{Ti(Z;N 1S...FI_i;E8 UNDER SEC"?'I€)§\i£§ 391 Y0 3%;

* ,.F"TnE'%'{:Gr«s'PAN:Es ACT, iéss, PE€AYi§'~éG T0 i~3fi.i'%iC"§'ii'3i"~i mg

Sf.;H§_!~?'§f:'__ z:s'.%'4.M2;2Am@EMEmT (A!~éf~2EX£.1RE~A) BE"f'Sfi!EE!'§
GIVAUQAN.,_,"{1¢m"a:A.§_j.. PRIVATE LKMETEIB AME ezamumaz


S.-E} AS TC' BE' BI'i3E3DI?\i€3 Gfii THE TRANSFERGR Cfif"iP:i'ni'\fiES fifii}

fmffi TRA§:s3§f:EREE comma? mi) Ti~*iEi¥ii RES§3EC"¥"i%£t:
M '=.S%~i;jfi£«iE?i__f3LB'E£2S AWE CREfi§TUE"{$, Am) mi €33'?-§ER rsfiszaszmzs
 Afaiifi Efi-V"3"'C".~«,_,..

'ETHES PETITEON COf"E§;f*é{3 GN FGR ORBERS 'ifiifi £_);5:""f,

'T : T'HE--E20UR'¥' MADE THE FGL¥..£)wI?JG:


distributors of and deaiers in perfumes, fragrans;esg~«,T

flavors, arcmatics, essentiai oéis, scentg, essesr1.€:e:¢:;;,_' 

Eoiions, rouge, paints, sachets and saits as":6_..ei';_7:,~--;..,V.'  

5. The second transfemr (::::;Ar*:';;?;:a':~*'~..s),z' 

incerperated on 26.35.i994w'T w«é.:h tV:i1e ¥?.eg;§;%.ir3r...,Qf.:3

Companies, Maharashtra,..Vundg-r~:V§§.i§ehamé érzd .s£y§e
c-f" "Smruti Cosmetiag   and
subsequentiy, thzia   was
changed  the name 3? the
Cempany:  " ES' -   {India} Private
Limit "'   reggsterad mfice is

situate _a_t: Né;-1&1...'.~f\kr.u{i""VCentre Point, 4"' Féeor,

of name is V vesteegi_v'T'   !'é'e§:§i_3ff3«f of
Companies, §.vtf§;= '_'£*ra:§_sfe£x1ér'e  has 59
obtain a;:;,:3£4£3_.sgf.€;.' --';§If):3':e3'1f;."5E€?t.?§§{¥__£2I of the
C0mpar;§e§;'~..§c:t;:.;:::  Registrar sf
Com;:{ani§.e§,A'_;"cvr' the: change of
name T;:;r¢pcSs5:1.i}éLjV'c}éu;§ta.i6 cf the szrneme.

3. As the?' en;-;re gnakés of the transféror

ANo.i"v*~~.~;-we hem' by a Foreégn
 :.fb';73p.3(:;{.: «..Viff2a_ transferee company has to
 mkngéiy fhé requiremena of FEIW and'

_ R5,: Act? ';'f;my, for aiiotment of shares :5 me

V  gharté-:fi§§i'ders of the transferor campsngx


.   ra §3£y, the petitioner-«Company has fsiea £i:s arféfiavit



after giving affect me cause 3.G(v)(<;} of the Schema'-~.»T

wiii be transferred ta the share premium accou.sit '_»§§§'  

the petétiener-Ccampany (transferee Cc):.*r1pa_r;yj')j:"._'~--...V3;ié.A_T.:§~§"_ % T'

ctarifted by the Bombay Hégh Cc;:;§rt;::€rzaf'«.:?ée 

order dated O3.G4.2§(i)9 wiiiybg men t:c2»""z~.-:g_:;:4%;4:_vi_1ar'_j'; 

statement/agreement on the péz%:: csff th e"«p§et€t:ar :er~

transferee Company ais€3;~ T' __ 

10. The petitiQ.n4eé§ff'giia:t§§$é%i3g:  affifiavit
dated izmt in ciause
1Q(v)(ci) is?tag%%$;é%i;§:n;:¢;j,k'%j:he*5;-:c;é.ss in ma ghara
premium ?3c;f;3u%1t«  iraasferar Cempameg

after givéng effefit 1:97  10(v)(::) 5?' i:m:~: Scheme

 §3Vé'L"!:i?*airis.*Fé;rrfied t<V:{""i:'i'ie share premium account at'

th2é---  ny.

 11. Lé'a§fi 3 d'§ounsei appearing far tha Registrar 3%

 submits that size has no abjectim far

 _1_g%'an%; 6' the Scheme 9? Arrangement at afinnexagre-six.

its "the prepcsed Scheme of Arrangement wsusd be

 beneficiai to bath the transferor Cempanées ans me



 % %f%.:?;f;> fk'0*09 aiiaweci.

_ ggj _
§;°9:.£?..:'¥q..;' ?:"z:F:._zi}.;9
transferee Cempany, I deem it appmpnate ta",

sanction the Scheme of firrangement at Annexu'rée§{;"4L:"'V;~

Accerdingiy, I make the fsikawing erder:

(i) the Scheme of Arraf§ge:ffieg;2't_TT 
Annexure-A is hereby $ancf1iQ_r': @;i. sub:§ e; :;f*i:'v '~ V' 
to the undertaicmg  A.:aet:€::g%1-gr?~-- ""'W 
Company in fine Va_;fE*§:§ax:§§ts.  ':3f31,:;'g;;§_}

and M4é;:*:%:%:A,§%e~:.i on em
i::eha£f and vrefe r:’c.=-.f.f_c;i_v’*c¢_ .:駒é§e

(H) Registry; t’Ci;:[. ?§’éra=e%: L;2;:«:.’~’:a Farm
No.4::’; ” ‘ W »

(iii) the”pei;§f;iéfi:é§:f-4{it}-:§:jpé:§y’_”‘s§:’éiE fiie a new
cff~_ fine Registrar 3%
C9h*:ga;2-ies’- days fmm the

giate 5? zӎgei:)t 3.: com; of this ercsr.


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