Vinod K vs The State Of Karnataka, on 19 November, 2011

Karnataka High Court
Vinod K vs The State Of Karnataka, on 19 November, 2011
Author: Mohan Shantanagoudar

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:"mr;;}<;i1:§e:2%. by z:';22E<§§2g»; $u§E'2.2§3Ee :'€§}:*E:se=:x1€.a£.§a;_:'1"E3r"'%;7;g;=i%é;; ii}.

§§'2<c'-é §E€}§'j§{'.ff mi.' '%'.h:*: 233%'? 1'«%::::§3 {he Ga?e:E:”Ez1g:>;>i.1″2§§ :35

s:;2:’:>j<3:,?%.s; fir: _§:g~3*i.:é:::.:§;1:° 39;':=:¢ss:.€%:*;V ff :"'_=3.:__.-;§'i3: f:','&*;é.%~m <3v€s1"E:':§3p.%.:3g

of :=:;::%§~§e:%s;.':£,.+:; _i.:::y{~§i'-3-'*-. sgéiézeagf cg

3:211 "E'€"'f".'_-?;;'.3fé'?Ii',V§T :'”:c-T52;

p2z;TJ€:1′::3 ;?m;f§ §.£’V _€:%1<:%*' gi;»%€Lf:__§i:§'{'.§'e;ms:;."és i3_:1€.itis=.:i :0 éha? b€'fi'1€':f§f'I.§ he :21;-3;'

be ac: ,3v:31;'e:"%-€%~d E76:

E3ep€.£:é°:’}E:z€%:”‘ 231″ ” ~, ‘A V

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