Legal India is neither a Law Firm nor a Joint Practice of Law; it is a Network of Lawyer and Law Firms of India.We will handle your cases or opinion through a well channeled network of Advocates & Law Firms throughout India.

You can rely upon us because we think nobody is completely perfect and able to provide complete legal solution at a point in India, due to its vast service areas and distinct Nature of Service and also due to big geographical boundaries of the Country. Legal India has taken it as a challenge and decided to break the barrier of geographical boundaries. Now you can refer, handover your any Legal Problem to Legal India for one point solution.


These are the fields in which Network Lawyers and Law Firms are Practicing….

Civil Law: Property Disputes, Property title Search, Will, Gift, Divorce, Recovery and any other Civil Disputes.

Criminal Law: Cheque Bouncing (Sec 138), Defamation, Cheating and Forgery, and any other Criminal Disputes…

Intellectual Property Right (IPR) – Trade Marks, Patents, Copy Rights, Domain Disputes, Geographical Indication, etc.

Corporate Law – Company Law, Opening of Branch and Liaison Offices, Agency, Franchising & Distributorship, Subsidiary Company, Company Formation, IPO Launch, Stock Listings, Legal Compliances of Company Law and Labour Laws, Acquisition, Mergers, Joint Venture, Winding up, etc. Business Law: Contract Drafting, Agreements, Memorendum of Understanding (MOU), etc. Consumer Law Arbitration – ICA, ICC, International Commercial

Arbitration and Maritime Arbitration, etc. Mining Law, Shipping Law, Energy / Power and Electricity, etc. Banking and Insurance, Motor Vehicle Claims and Compensation, etc. Telecommunication, Cable Operators Disputes, TRAI Matters, Media Law, Broadcastings, Merchandising, etc.

International Trade Law, Import and Export Law, WTO Issues – Anti Dumping, Counter-Veiling Duty, Uniform Customs and Practice, Standby, Letter of Credit, etc. Direct and Indirect Taxes – Custom, Excise, Sales Tax, VAT, Property Tax, Municipality Tax, etc. Environmental Law, Air and Water Pollution, Forest Protection etc.


Courts and Tribunals covered by the Network Lawyers:

Supreme Court of India. High Courts of India. District Court, Session Court, Munsif Courts, Metropolitan Courts, Special Courts, etc. District Consumer Forum, State Consumer Forum, National Consumer Forum. Debt Recovering Tribunal (DRT), Debt Recovery Appeallate Tribunal (DRAT). Telecom and Cable Operators Disputes Tribunal (TDSAT & TRAI). Central Adminstrative Tribunal (CAT). Sales Tax Tribunals, FEMA, FERA etc. Custom, Excise and Gold Tribunals (CEGAT). Provident Fund Appeallate Tribunal (PFAT). School Tribunal, Electricity Tribunals. Lok Adalats & Special Courts Arbitration Courts. Any other Forums Tribunals and Commission…..

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