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A special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court here Monday convicted 28 income tax department employees for securing jobs on the basis of forged documents during 1990-91.


The 28 accused have been sentenced to two years rigorous imprisonment and also fined Rs.1,000 each.


“These appointments for lower division clerks, upper division clerks, stenos and inspectors were wrongly made by the officials of the income tax department, Chandigarh, during 1990 and 1991 in connivance with officials of Staff Selection Commission, New Delhi,” said a CBI official.


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  1. seshadri vikrala

    • The media and the channels have out rightly denounced the phase of the corruption and made very good support to Mr. Hazare, pledged to eradicate corruption; including the school children also made out procession, conducted Dharnas, rallies and what not? .By another day all things shall be settled and then we go for some other matter or look out. Read my Articles on the matter of Corruption, Black Money, White Collar Crimes and so on… seshadrivikrala-views and vision-blog and face book.
    • Corruption has no religious or regional fangs like that of cancer in the physical body of a person. Corruption and its fangs and wings are self made. It evaluates from within and not born of its own like any creature. Even a new born shall have a mother and father, known or unknown to the baby; Corruption is just that simple. Once adopted, it just passes through blood and veins. There might be some medicine for Cancer but not for corrupt practices, as I observed and seen. Kindly go through my Blogs- Articles written on various subjects which include corruption, black money, white collar crimes, and a lot.

    Silence and side tracking the issues and matters on policy are also tend to corrupt practices. Can YOU fool your child by purchasing a bicycle and making them to feel like that of a car? Yes, the child will not believe. But, here in India, we believe and keep quite, because we are duty bound and not Hazare to fight against corruption, malpractices. The government may just sanction permissions and go ahead nod for any type of Project if some one approaches. They have no much time to spare, all they depend on the experts and the concerned departments like the Law, They may require only one thing that this is in line with the Policy and for the betterment of the public at large. But the Law shall have to see in all respects, like the child looks at the bicycle and diffidently knows that it is not a car., still keeps quite. Why? She has no say against YOU. Or else she shall bounce upon YOU. It is just that much if you say whether it is a rail-track, tramway track or metro rail; the public has no say, but what Constitution forbids, restrictions impose on construction and the lot for the Rail/metro rail track, tramways is matter for consideration of legal experts and others; no one heard of it, even the agitating Better Hyderabad Forum; they confine to talking and sever action;;for the public all the same. Even the daily News papers, media, TVs have not bothered about anything as to what is or was going on; they (the public) want some facilities and amenities…my blogs: krishnaseshadri; safety and security of rail passengers; seshadrivikrala views and vision; answers. com. user seshavikrala; railways security RPF and my vision… kindly send your views and vision, suggestions, criticism ,for my Articles improvement.

  2. seshadri vikrala

    • Former Honourable President of India, in the year 2006, while presenting COLOURS to the Railway Protection Force, in May,2006, advised the Government to evaluate a reasonable and workable single and unified Police Force for the safety and security of the passengers over Indian Railways duly expressing his views and suggestions on the working pattern and the present system of the Indian Railways – RPF (Railway Protection Force) and that of the GRP (the Government Railway Police of the States in India). Let the Government of India, even by making some type of amendments, etc, HONOUR the views and imaginations of the Former President of India and evaluate to make a single Police Force for the Indian Railways System for the safety and security of the passengers and their belongings over the Indian Railways. Make out some action plan to abolish the dual power system by merging both the RPF and the GRP as one and a single uniformed police Force. After all, it is not aimed at some person, or group(s) of vested interests; it is aimed for the citizen’s of India and for the passengers who are traveling throughout the country over the Indian Railways, which is having a well established system.
    Let them-the rail passengers- feel free to travel with a hope and aspiration that their lives and the property are safe and secure in the hands of the Indian Railways Police Force.

  3. seshadri vikrala

    Like in the IPS officers’ cadre transfers, seniority and promotions, the personnel from one Force shall be subjected to transfer to the other Force, so that there can be no ambiguity in their seniority and promotions, being centralized services in India.
    As seen from the present set up there are many a number of Armed Forces- cpos; cpmfs, ssb, rpf,…some working under the exclusively control and command of different Ministries of the Central Government, having there own set up of selection process and procedure, transfers, seniority, and promotional channel.
    Unlike that of The Railway Protection Force, it is believed that in India there is no other Force having only two types of group cadre posts-Group ’C’ and Group ’A’. There is no system of other channel of promotion, there is no Group ’B’ in RPF, a Group ’C’ cadre post personnel shall be promoted directly to the Group ‘A’ cadre post. There shall be Group ’B’ in the RPF department also and RPF shall be brought under the control and command of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Departmental promote ad-hoc system for several years-even to the extent of decades shall be dispensed with and by keeping aside the RPF Rules, like for the direct UPSC- Group ’A’ officers, the ad-hoc officers shall also be subjected to higher grade promotion immediately after completion of just three years of service…
    All the central police forces and other armed forces shall be brought under the command and control of the Chairman and Chief Director General of the Central Police Organization under the Ministry of Home Affairs. There shall be only one type of selection process, procedure. The Rules and Regulations, and the departmental proceedings shall be same for all the Force personnel whether working in the States or under the Central Government services or at nominated public undertakings.
    There shall be a separate Central Intelligence Wing exclusively to deal with white collar crimes under the Ministry of Home Affairs, like that of the Central Bureau of Investigation, or the Intelligence Bureau, it shall pass on the forecast and the intelligence to the Director General who shall work directly under the control and command of the Union Minister, for its evaluation and further process to eliminate black sheep’s from the concerned departments.
    The incumbents shall be drawn by an honest selection process. Qualitative selection shall be need of the hour to curb the white collar crimes.
    The Central and the State Service Selection Boards or the Committees shall be under one command with one and similar type of centralized selection process, in so far as the selection of police or other subsidiary forces selections takes place.
    There shall be no differentiation between the ranks, cadres or groups from one Force to the other one; whether it may be working for the State or for the Central Governments.

  4. seshadri vikrala

    it may come under fraud,cheating and a lot; but how about the Andhra Pradesh Police Controlled HOME GUARDS’ CONTROL,COMMAND, SUPERVISION,AND THE LIKE SYSTEM, JUST UNDER THE NOSE OF THE POLICE INTELLIGENCE AND THE ACB DEPARTMENTS; THIS SHALL BE NOTHING BUT WHITE COLLAR CRIMES; NOW,IN 2011, THAT TH E CBI COURT CONVICTED THE ACCUSED IN THE CASE OF 1990S; that after a lapse of around 20 years; even in the case of Home Guards functioning — persons who are dead working,names not in the rolls are working and the like; some scape goats shall be in readiness to face the departmental action,suspension, arrests and the like, and their cases ,if goes to Courts of Law again shall take another two decade to come to decision making judgement whether to convict or acquit: whom to be found fault with.see my articles blog:seshadrivikrala;faceook;railways safety and security of rail passengers…


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