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The CBI filed in a Delhi court the forensic report on specimen signatures of three top executives of Reliance ADA Group, facing trial in 2G case, saying there were no “fundamental differences” among the specimen signatures and those found on seized documents. “I have not observed any fundamental difference between the questioned and specimen English signatures. Cumulative consideration of the aforesaid points (in the report) of similarities observed between the questioned and the specimen English signatures in both general and individual writings characteristic, constitute the basis of aforesaid opinion,” the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) report said.

The conclusion of the handwriting expert, who analysed the signatures of Reliance ADAG executives — Gautam Doshi, Surendra Pipara and Hari Nair — with the specimen signatures, said that there were no “fundamental differences”.

The forensic report was filed in pursuance of an earlier court order. The court has kept the report on record and has said its copies will be given to the accused, if desired.

“The same (report) be taken on record and copies thereof be supplied to all 17 accused, if so desired by them immediately,” special CBI judge O P Saini said.

The court on December 19 directed the three executives to give specimen handwriting and signature to CBI for comparing it with the documents already placed on record before it.

The court had allowed CBI’s plea for specimen of these three accused saying it was “justified” to reach a conclusion.

CBI, in its plea, had said that during 2006 to 2008 these three accused had signed certain documents which were filed along with the charge sheet and some of the witnesses examined so far had also proved their signatures but Doshi, Pipara and Nair have “not been in a position” to identify them.

The CBI had earlier told the court that these documents include books of accounts of Swan Consultants Services Pvt Ltd, Tiger Trustees Pvt Ltd and other firms and some documents relating to RTL.

According to CBI charge sheet, Swan Consultants Services Pvt Ltd and Tiger Trustees Pvt Ltd were the alleged associate firms of Reliance ADA Group.



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