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A Brazilian court has found three men guilty of raping a female US tourist in a microbus in Rio de Janeiro last March, authorities said on Thursday. Two of the men, Jonathan Froudakis de Souza and Walace Aparecido Souza Silva, each were sentenced to 49 years, three months and 11 days in prison for robbery, rape and extortion, according to a communique issued by the Rio Justice Tribunal, where the trial was held on Wednesday evening.

The other accused man, Carlos Armando Costa dos Santos, received a sentence of 21 years, seven months behind bars on charges of rape and extortion. The trio were driving around the city in an illegal microbus, which they used as a cover with the aim of robbing passengers who boarded it in the tourist neighbourhood of Copacabana.

Judge Guilherme Schilling Pollo Duarte said during the sentencing that the crime had elements of “sadism and complete disregard” for the victim. The victim, whose identity was kept secret, was accompanied by her French boyfriend, who was also brutally attacked by the trio.

(Source: IANS )

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