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3 sentenced to life for killing boy for Rs 70, cell phone

NEW DELHI: Three youths have been sentenced to life imprisonment for killing a class X student after robbing him of a paltry Rs 70 and his cell phone.

Punishing the trio, the court relied on the testimony of Sapna, a ninth-grader and a cousin of the deceased who was present with him during the time of the murder.

Additional Sessions Judge Sanjay Garg sentenced East Delhi residents Mohd Imran (20), Akram (20) and Mukesh (21) to life imprisonment for murdering Dhiraj and seven to ten years in jail for robbing him of his money and mobile phone.

“Statement of prosecution witness (Sapna) is consistent, credible and trustworthy. I find no reason to disbelieve her testimony,” the court said.

“In view of aforesaid discussions, it stands established beyond doubt that all the three accused sharing common intention voluntarily caused hurt to deceased Dhiraj while committing robbery,” the court added.

Narrating the sequence of events, Sapna told the court that while on her way to her friend’s house on 18 April 2010, she met Dhiraj and asked for his science book.

While talking about the books, they went to Sanjay Jheel Park for a stroll and sat there at a bench, she said, adding that at about 11 am, three youths turned up there and enquired Dhiraj about the time.

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    An excellent judgment commensurate with the needs of day. The youth should know how to behave towards the Society. Such harsh punishments would only curb the crime. The growing crime needs to be tackled with harsh penalties.

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