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Taking note of reports on pollution of Aami river by factories in Gorakhpur district, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) today issued notices to Union Environment Ministry and Uttar Pradesh government.

 The NHRC asked the Ministry, UP government and State Pollution Control Board to respond within six weeks to allegations of violating human rights of the citizens dependent on the river.

 The NHRC noted that there are reports that 52 villages along the Aami river have been adversely affected by contaminated water.

An NHRC spokesperson said the Commission was told during proceedings that a large quantity of effluents and chemicals regularly flow into the river by nearby factories and industrial units.

 The release of industrial effluents has been causing massive pollution of the water in the river which has also affected the ground water which is the main source of drinking water for the villagers, the spokesperson said.

 It has been alleged that the ground water along the Aami river is completely polluted and is no longer potable and state government and the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board have not been taking any corrective measures to improve the situation.

 Giving six weeks’ time to respond, the Commission observed that the allegations, if true, constitute a serious violation of human rights of the villagers.

 The Chairman of UP Pollution Control Board has been directed to inform as to whether any survey had been under taken of the industrial units polluting Aami river in Gorakhpur and what action was taken against the erring units.


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