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In Delhi Expressing solidarity with the protest against the gangrape of a girl, Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to sought immediate enactment of the Sexual Assault Bill either by bringing an ordinance or by convening a special session of Parliament.

According to the AAP, “The Parliament must immediately enact the Sexual Assault Bill (currently pending before Lok Sabha) either through a special session of the parliament or an ordinance.”

It also said, “We appeal to the protesters to maintain the peaceful and democratic character of this protest, despite grave provocation from police forces. We call upon this spontaneous movement to guard against miscreants whose irresponsible action may provide the establishment with the excuse that they have been looking for.”

Terming the ongoing protest as “historic” and “democratic upsurge”, the newly-formed party said it is with the protesters in this historic movement, meant to hold the rulers “accountable”.

“A wave of shock, grief and anger has swept the country over the last one week. A brave and unfortunate girl, fighting for her life, has become the national symbol of women’s insecurity and their determination,” the release said and condemned the use of force against the protesters.

It also suggested some amendments in the Bill, saying that there should be a “wider definition” of term ‘sexual assault’ to cover a case like the instant one. There should be a provision for “stricter punishment for all forms of sexual assault, leaving no scope for the judge to reduce the punishment.”

AAP said that the Bill should also provide for a ‘time bound investigation’ in every such case with a penalty for “delay or negligence”. Fast track courts be constituted and verdicts be delivered within three months, it said.

“These provisions should apply to lakhs of pending rape and assault cases all over the country,” the release said adding that wide ranging police reforms, as suggested by the Supreme Court, be implemented to insulate the force.

“Aam Aadmi Party salutes this democratic upsurge and stands with the people in this historic movement to hold their rulers accountable. Its activists and supporters extend support to aam aadmi in this protest,” it said.

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