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Congress Leader & Spokesperson, Senior Advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi is in the middle of a Sex Scandal. This controversy has stormed the Indian media and political world and both Advocate Singhvi as well as the Congress party is running for cover. His driver for several years Mukesh Kumar Lal has been accused of filming a Sex CD involving Abhishek Manu Singhvi with another leading advocate and of Blackmailing him through SMS to make the CD public through media channels.

Abhishek Singhvi and his former colleague Abhimanyu Bhandari approached the court and stated that they came to know about the Sex CD through some political friends that many media channels were in possession of the alleged CD.

He also alleged that the content of the CD was “forged, concocted, morphed and fabricated”. Any move to telecast the alleged CD would infringe the right to reputation of Singhvi, the plea said.

The Delhi High Court in its judgement ruled that “Till the next date of hearing, the defendants (media house), their agents and all others acting for and/or on their behalf are restrained from publishing, broadcasting and disseminating or distributing in any form or any manner the content of any alleged CD or any other material as described in the plaint in relation to plaintiff 2 (Singhvi),”

“Irreparable injury is likely to be caused to the reputation and goodwill of Singhvi in case the defendants are not restrained. Accordingly, issue notice to defendants (one to four) which is returnable by May 21,” the Court said.

The court has also sought response by May 21 from Aaj Tak, Headlines Today and India Today and former driver of Singhvi, alleged mastermind behind the CD scandal.

Many people have opined that as Abhishek Manu Singhvi declares that the content is forged and morphed and fabricated and he has come to know about it only through other people, why is he so worried about such fake CD ???

Does he really have any proper answer or is it smoke without fire – only time will say.

5 Responses to “Abhishek Manu Singhvi’s Sex Scandal CD : Court Restrains Media”

  1. svsharma

    For this he should be certainly debarred from the membership of bar association .Being the MP and chairman of the standing committee, it is certainly a misconduct under the P.C.Act and he should be prosecuted so that the general public may feel that there is a system not only living but running otherwise it is disturbing feature for public and advocates ,that the selections are done in this way and thereafter, the things are also done in this way as there is no authority above the supreme court and the things have happened in the supreme court chambers .May Almighty God make some one to see this aspect in the right aspect from the public in general and advocates point of view in particuler.I also pray to almighty God to give strength to the wife of the Singhvi to rise to occasion in the interest of the nation. I am of view that most strict and exemplary action should be taken against Singhvi in national interest, as he is not an ordinary person rather a MP and chairman of the Standing Comittee on Lok Pal.Disgusting that he had been in such a position.

  2. boforsthiefsonia

    On 18-4-2012, Sonia Gandhi’s Congress party to which Singhvi belongs released a statement saying that the sex video CD of Singhvi having sex with a female lawyer in the Supreme Court chamber was a personal matter of Singhvi. On 19th April 2012 the video went viral on Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites Justice Reva Khetrapal of the Delhi High Court had, ordered the injunction for Singhvis sex video apparently after the driver of Singhvi paid money and reached a settlement. The CD is not morphed and no video skip is seen. The video is very clear. Money and women are the basis of appointing Supreme Court Judges is clear from this video. There was an incident in which the Karnataka Judges had a sex session during the Congress rule. 53 year old Abhishek Singhvi from Rajastan, belonging to the Sonia congress and a Rajya Sabha MP, is a public official. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, tops the chart rich MPs at an annual income of Rs 50 crore. He is cheating India and he is cheating his wife. His profession for congress party is to lie for the party. From the conversation it si clear that there was a quid-pro-quo transaction a female Supreme Court Advocate is giving oral sex and missionary position sex to Singhvi for for a Supreme Court judgeship. Abhishek Singhvi should be paraded naked in Parliment and he should be punished for indulging in sex in the Supreme Court. Singhvi is having an affair in court chambers and promising to make her judge shows the rot that is going on in the congress party and the Indian government. If a male or a female advocate aspiring to be a judge will have to oral sex on Singhvi and what will be self respect that Judge will have. Singhvi video CD should be handed over to CBI immediately and the Chief Justice should order a suo moto investigation in to this sex racket of Singhvi. Sex in the Supreme court must be a regular affair. Public should file PIL to fight this corrupt court injunction and broadcast the tapes. Justice Reva Khetrapal of the Delhi High Court says that irreparable injury is likely to be caused to Singhvi’s reputation and goodwill if the contents of the CD were disseminated. If is is so the HC should also should have gone in to the damage this can cause to the judicial system of India. What is the likely harm to the reputation of our judicial system, if the public comes to the conclusion that all the Judges are selected on the basis of sexual favours they offer to politicians and the bribe they pay and the favourable judgement they will deliver, in the future for the corrupt politicians. It has been clearly established that this sex video of Singhvi having oral sex with the female advocate of Supreme Court is genuine. His face, the lady’s face, rhythmic movement all are clear despite the lack of professionalism in the video. Obviously the video was taken it on a mobile. Singhvi’s sex in a public place, like this in a Court Chamber is certainly disgusting. Abhishek Singhvi’s wife singer Anita Singhvi and his son Anubhav and Avishkar will not forgive him even if the whole incident is hushed up the congress goons and the Sonia controlled media. The driver has forced to concoat a story as below to close the case in the court and police station. ‘one day Singhvi’s dog had bitten my wife and I felt that because of that my child was born physically challenged’. What cooked story to solve a immoral act by a public servant. Our judicial system is for the criminals by the crimnals and is not meant for ordinary citizens.

  3. A.P.MISRA.

    Singhvi has been throwing all such allegations on his rivals. He forgot that he was sailing in the same boat which had many holes.It would not be a surprise if the CD is released in the media.



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