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TV and film artist Ankit Sagar, who has appeared in films like No One Killed Jessica, has been directed by a Delhi court to pay an interim maintenance of Rs 10,000 to his wife and two minor children.

Metropolitan Magistrate Kiran Gupta directed Sagar alias Pradeep Hartia to pay the maintenance to his estranged wife and minor daughter and son, living separately from him.

“Considering the roles which are played by him in films and commercial advertisements, it is his moral obligation to maintain the petitioners who are his wife and minor children.

“He is directed to pay Rs 10,000 per month in favour of petitioners from date of filing of petition till its final disposal,” the court ordered.

Sagar’s wife had moved the court for maintenance alleging that she left her matrimonial home and began with her parents due to his indifference towards her.

She had claimed maintenance saying she has no source of income while Sagar is an established actor and successful in films and media industry and has appeared in various commercial advertisements like those for Indian Railways and a soft drink brand and also in various TV soaps.

Sagar, however, claimed that his wife had wilfully deserted him and that he has no fixed source of income.

“There are no averments that Sagar is gainfully employed. Considering the fact that he is an actor and has acted in films like No One Killed Jessica, Hijack, Siddharth etc and has also worked in commercial advertisements which are already in public domain and the fact that he is also undertaking many new projects, his income is assessed to be between Rs 70,000 to Rs 80,000 per month,” the court noted.



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