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A Gujarat High Court judge has pulled up the court registrar for placing before him a petition by ‘rich and powerful’ businessman Rajesh Adani without completing the official procedure.

Justice A.S. Dave in an order reprimanded Registrar (judicial) G.K. Upadhyay Tuesday for ‘unnecessary haste’ in moving the case before him. ‘The rich and the powerful cannot overlook the administrative process of the High Court,’ the judge said. 

The judge summoned the registrar and took him to task for allowing the case to be moved before him without the endorsement of the chief justice of the Gujarat High Court. 

The petition was filed on behalf of Adani group managing director Rajesh Adani, who was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation Feb 27 for allegedly evading customs duty.

When Adani’s counsel presented the case papers, Justice Dave summoned the registrar and handed down the chastisement for violation of official procedure. He refused to hear the petition, saying that he would do so only after the procedure was followed.

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