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The Supreme Court Monday granted bail to businessman Prabhu Shankar Agarwal, owner of the Haldiram Bhujiawala shop in Kolkota, who was awarded life sentence for attempting to kill the owner of a tea stall adjacent to his outlet.

Agarwal was convicted for criminal conspiracy and attempt to murder tea stall owner Promod Sharma alias Thakur, adjacent to his outlet, and other crimes.

An apex court bench of Justice B. Sudershan Reddy and Justice S.S. Nijjar granted bail to Agarwal after argument by his senior counsel U.U. Lalit.

Sharma’s shop is adjacent to the outlet of Agarwal. The Haldiram owner wanted Sharma to vacate it as he found it to be an eyesore for his outlet at Jagmohan Malik Lane. Sharma was shot at twice by unidentified assailants March 30, 2005.

Initially, the investigation was carried out by the area police but subsequently it was handed over to the detective department of Kolkata Police.

During the investigation, a number of people were arrested, including Agarwal and Pawan Sharma whose car was used by the assailants for fleeing after their unsuccessful bid to kill the tea stall owner.

After his arrest May 7, 2005, Agarwal faced trial in a fast track court which awarded him and the other accused life imprisonment in January 2010.

On March 10, 2010, the Kolkata High Court rejected a plea by Agarwal for bail and suspension of his sentence.

One Response to “Apex court gives bail to Kolkata businessman”

  1. David Baker

    There was a time when we felt that the Indian Judiciary was far from corrupt. We have heard a lot about the elite too expressing faith in the Judiciary. However it seems as if Corruption has raised its tentacles finally into our Judicial system. The Apex court releases a convict on bail under what provisions of crpc?

    Today we heard that the Mattoo case too resulted in awarding a punishment of life sentence.

    With the Judiciary under the scanner, It would not be long before we lose faith in the Judiciary which would result in nothing but Civil unrest


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