ASG M. B. Nargund pays tribute to co-founder of ABAP Justice (Retd.) Rama J. Jois

Author Mr. M. B. Nargund who is currently the Additional Solicitor General for India for Karnataka High Court, shared four anectodes in the memory of him with a very heavy heart.

A man of disciplines and Principles since early age.
Around 70 odd years ago, when he was a teenager, riding a cycle post sunset without a lamp was
punishable under the law. One fine Day, he was late to get back to home and it was dusk and the
sun had almost set. It was a long distance that he had to travel, but he was not riding the cycle but
walking along with it. An elderly of the village saw him walking with the cycle and told him that he
could ride his cycle for almost 2 kms and thereafter there was a policeman standing where he can
get down from his cycle and then walk. However, the young man, barely 16-17 years old refused to
ride the cycle and walked the long way back home in the night, despite being already late. The
elderly person was Chandranna, the brother of the Karnataka Dy. Chief Minister Ishwarappa.

His entry to the legal field
The young boy had just completed his BA and was preparing to become a teacher. Being a
Swayamsevak since birth, he was taking part in one of the monthly moon light dinners. In such
dinners, everyone would bring something from their house and the food was shared and eaten by
all. They even used to play and enjoy that night. In one such dinner, they were playing a moot court
game wherein the young boy had to play the role of a defence counsel. That dinner was also
attended by the then Prant Prachakar Mananiya Yadav Rao Joshi ji. He played his role with so much
conviction and dedication that Prant Pracharak ji at that very moment asked the young boy to
accompany him to Bangalore where he could study law. Although, he initially refused, but that
moonlight dinner changed the course of life of that boy and gave India a wonderful Jurist and Judge.

The Young Boy and Ram Mandir
Recently, about 15 days ago, I along with two other brother advocates went to his residence for the
Ram Mandir Nidhi Samarpan. While handing us a hefty sum and a cheque of Rs. 1,00,000/-, He
further asked us to take him to the Ram Mandir as soon as it is constructed. We promised him that
we would take him along with us to the Temple, however, unfortunately Lord Ram called him earlier.

His role during Emergency
The young man was practicing as a lawyer before the Hon’ble Karnataka High Court. Shri. Vajpayee ji
and Shri Advani ji were arrested during the emergency. He was appearing for them in a Habeas
Corpus petition filed on their behalf. He argued the matter so well and vociferously that by the next
day of hearing, he was also arrested. That is the impact which his arguments had that he was also
arrested by the Government.

The Young Man was Hon’ble Mr. Justice (Retd.) Rama J. Jois. He was a wonderful Judge and Jurist.
He retired as the Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court and subsequently was
appointed as the Governor of Bihar and Jharkhand.
He was also the co-founder of Akhil Bhartiya Adhivakta Parishad, the biggest organization of lawyers
in India. He was a man of discipline and principles.

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