Bakson’s Dr Bakshi, others acquitted of corruption

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Bakson's Dr Bakshi, others acquitted of corruption
Bakson’s Dr Bakshi, others acquitted of corruption

Chairman of Bakson’s drugs and pharmaceuticals, Dr SPS Bakshi, along with five other doctors has been acquitted by a special court in a case of alleged regularisation of some homeopathic medical colleges after these institutions agreed to buy drugs from his company.

The court said there was nothing on record to show that Bakshi, president of Central Council of Homeopathy (CCH), had influenced any of the homeopathic medical colleges to buy any medicine from Bakson and no personal benefit was being derived by any of the accused while working in CCH in various posts.

“Since, no material has come on record file to show that Bakshi had, at any point of time, utilised any influence to coerce over the homeopathic medical colleges, the court is of the considered view that there was no forced supply of medicines by M/s Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals…

“Thus, there is nothing on the record file to show that accused Bakshi had forced any of the colleges to buy any medicine,” special CBI judge Ramesh Kumar said.

Apart from Bakshi, the court also acquitted Ramjee Singh (vice president of CCH), Arun Bhasme, M R Srivatsan, Kewal Krishan Juneja and B Sohan Singh of the charges of criminal conspiracy under the IPC and under provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Dr Sibendranath Sinha died during the pendency of the case and proceedings against him were abated by the court.

The court said these doctors were discharging public functions and they were doing honorary service in the field of homeopathy.

“Thus, it is concluded that all the accused persons were working within the public domain but without getting any remuneration,” it said and noted that several witnesses turned hostile and deposed nothing against the accused.

The court said the recognition was granted to the colleges as per CCH Act and CBI has failed to prove that the doctors had abused their official position while granting recognition or sanction to various homeopathic colleges and institutions.

CBI had alleged that the doctors had conspired and abused their official position as public servants and irregularly granted recognition to several homeopathic medical colleges.

It had alleged that they granted permission to increase seats in graduation and post-graduation levels in different homeopathic colleges in violation of existing norms and guidelines of the government during 2000-05.

( Source – PTI )

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