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BSP parliamentarian Dhananjay SinghA Delhi court Wednesday rejected the bail plea of BSP parliamentarian Dhananjay Singh, accused of destroying evidence to shield his wife, who was arrested for torturing her maid leading to her death. The court observed that rights of the “poor helpless victim” were violated in the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader’s house. Taking into account that the bail was sought by the BSP leader on the grounds of being an MP who wants to perform his constitutional duties, the court said: “This is in stark contrast to his (Singh’s) encouragement and active involvement in the grossest violation of rights of the poor helpless victims in his own house.” The court also directed Delhi Police to provide protection to the witnesses. Metropolitan Magistrate Gomati Manocha said: “In view of the previous conduct and antecedents of accused Dhananjay Singh, he does not deserve any leniency by this court.” She said that keeping in mind the circumstance of the case, the court was not inclined to grant him bail. The court also took into account the protection of key witnesses who were weak and vulnerable compared to Dhananjay Singh, who was powerful, and ordered Deputy Commissioner of Police (New Delhi) S.B.S. Tyagi to provide them protection.

“A copy of the order to be sent to the DCP, New Delhi, to provide protection to the principal witnesses Ram Lal and Meena till the time recording of their evidence is concluded,” the court said. The court also sent a copy to joint secretary (home), Delhi government, to provide necessary cooperation to police for providing safe abode and other facilities at the state’s expenses. Dhananjay Singh, who represents the Jaunpur Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh, was arrested and booked for destroying evidence and violating the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act. His wife Jagriti was booked for murder, attempt to murder and for violating the Juvenile Justice Act. Police have also submitted a list of cases against Dhananjay Singh. Out of 31 cases, two cases are pending in courts and in the 29 others he has either been acquitted or discharged. It was taken into account by the court. The court noted that the legislator was in a commanding position as far as his professional standing was concerned and he had ample means to alter the course of the investigation. The court said Dhananjay Singh has an extensive record of previous antecedents and was in a formidable position to misuse the benefit of bail, if granted to him. The court said it was apparent that the accused was already trying to separate from his wife, and knowing her violent demeanour, he has intentionally done nothing to prevent such an occurrence but has rather encouraged his wife’s conduct. “However, now he is trying to come out clean by blaming the entire incident on his wife and by distancing himself from her. “Thus, in view of what has been discussed, the existence of a larger more diabolical conspiracy hatched by the accused cannot be ruled out,” the court said. The court ignored the plea of the BSP leader that he was already fed up with his wife’s violent conduct. The court quizzed that if Dhananjay Singh knew about the violent conduct of his wife then how could he leave the helpless victim at her mercy. The court said all the aspects can be unearthed only by detailed and uninhibited investigation. If the accused is released on bail, then it would have a diametrically opposite effect on the same, in view of his position and proximity to the witnesses and evidence.


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