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Carpenter files plea against Anna Hazare for ‘waging war against govt’

A 60-year-old carpenter has filed a petition against Anna Hazare and his team members in a Delhi court for “waging war against the government”.


Satbir Singh, hailing from Haryana, approached the court of metropolitan magistrate Tyagita Singh on Saturday, pleading that a case be lodged against Hazare and his team members. Satbir has also said that the “accused persons may kindly be summoned, tried and punished according to law”.


“They have all hatched a conspiracy to cause loss to the nation and to lower the reputation of government of India and its ministers,” Satbir said in his petition.


“They instigated innocent people to assemble at Ramlila Maidan on August 16. The accused gave false speech against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other MPs,” said the petition, a copy of which is with IANS.


“On their direction people assembled outside the houses of ministers, due to which they disturbed the peace in the locality and even disturbed the traffic system,” it said.


“The accused persons through media have abused the government and pressurised them to pass their own Jan Lokpal bill, in which they have succeeded,” states the petition.


Satbir has accused Team Anna of hatching criminal conspiracy, waging war against government, rioting, creating public nuisance, defamation, among other offences.


The matter will come up for hearing in the court Monday.


Hazare sat on a hunger strike on August 16, demanding a strong Lokpal Bill. He broke his 12-day fast on August 28 after the Parliament held a special debate and adopted the three key Lokpal points demanded by Team Anna.


Team Anna members Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal have been served breach of privilege notices by parliament for mocking at MPs and using unparliamentary language.

2 Comments on “Carpenter files plea against Anna Hazare for ‘waging war against govt’”

  • my advice to that 60 year old carpenter is that, u are a terrorist. if u are so ashamed of that incidence u can better go for a suicide. we will bear with it. get lost… the whole nation is with annaji… 5% terrorists like u think that way…

  • vijay


    Everybody takes law into their own hands with impunity. It appears first to commit such serious crime is a public servant himself/herself that is guardian of law with politico-nexus of the day. UPSC never cares for recruitment of honest persons to service with purity and integrity. They also appear to be bribed for selecting persons for a price. This must be reason for growth of anti-graft movement. Nobody can claim impunity. A cursory glance at cabinet ministers declaring assets reveals as to how one acquired wealth, without employment, what is the source of income, etc., are not shown, but what is that they possessed is shown to public. It is nothing but fooling people. Who can catch them. It appears that CBI/CVC only tool(s) in the hands of the people in power, sitting in the office of public who can make and unmake anything and every thing with impunity. Who financed carpenter to approach costliest court hiring lawyer(s) before the court. The court is meant to render public justice. Although it might be a fact that there is a disturbance to inmates in the area due to anti-graft, it should be construed as a reasonable restriction under constitutional law and how many people disturbed how many people become question of fact. Is there any account maintained. Did the carpenter produce any information to judiciary? There is a total failure of public monitoring system. Now a days media (alleged another corrupt body) had taken over to render public justice system from peoples power conferred by constitutional law. If people do not take care of themselves at least under somebody and that somebody is disreputed like this, who will bell the cat? Who can be accountable and responsible to public justice system. It appears even public justice system is on sale for a price to those who afford can pay in the market. This being fair comment, author cannot be blamed for contempt of court as sufficient clinching evidence exists as to how public justice system can be sold out is available with the author for public scrutiny. It is not or directed against any individual but the whole system. The author is already threatened by public servants who are clothed with governmental authority in writing.

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